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Aaren Simpson Death: What Happened to O.J. Simpson Daughter

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Facts about O.J. Simpson Daughter, Aaren Simpson death

O.J. Simpson, aka ‘The Juice’, is the famous former American football running back. He was a TV broadcaster, spokesman, and actor. Moreover, he is most famous for being a convicted felon. In 1994, Simpson faced murders charges followed by kidnapping in 2008.

However, long before the incident, O.J. Simpson suffered a very tragic loss. He lost his one-year-old daughter Aaren Simpson. This article discusses O.J. Simpson’s life and looks at what happened to his daughter, Aaren.

O.J. Simpson Biography

The American running back was born on July 9, 1947. He was a sports enthusiast from a young age and played football through his high school and University days. Moreover, while at the University of Southern California, he played for USC Trojans and won several trophies. Later, he played in the NFL for 11 seasons as Buffalo Bills’s best running back. He was also in the San Francisco 49ers for more than a year. Furthermore, Simpson is the first-ever NFL player who rushed 2000 yards in a single season.

Aaren Simpson with her parents and brother
Aaren Simpson with her parents and brother

Apart from football, Aaren’s father is famous as a convicted felon for the death of his second wife, Nicole Brown. The court case ran for almost three years before the jury put forward a judgment in his favor. However, the victim’s family again filed a civil suit, and O.J. faced a $33.5 million compensation.

Again in 2007, Simpson got arrested for robbery and kidnapping and faced 33 years of imprisonment. However, after serving nine years, he got out on parole in October 2017 and is living in Miami.

What happened to O.J.’s little Girl, Aaren Simpson?

Before Nicole Brown, O.J. was previously married to Marguerite Whitley in 1967. With her, he had three beautiful children, and Aaren Simpson was the youngest of the three. Just a month before her 2nd birthday, Aaren suffered a severe accident. She fell into the swimming pool, and when her parent found her, she was unconscious. Her parents immediately rushed her for medical attention, but unfortunately, the child’s respiratory system had already failed. Thus, Aaren Simpson took her last breathe on August 26, 1979, just days before turning 2.

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