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Alex Webb Barnwood Builders’ Wife, Age, Net worth, Wiki-Bio

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member, Alex Webb

Alex Webb is the correct definition of a Hillbilly. He fits the stereotype to the core from his rugged beard, jeans cap, and job description. One look at him, and you’ll definitely know he cuts wood for a living. Alex Webb and his merry band of builders appear on DIY network’s Barnwood Builders, currently on its eleventh season. Who is his wife/spouse?

But how much do we know about the star when the cameras aren’t rolling? Here’s an in-depth take on Alex Webb’s net worth, age, and wiki-bio.

Who is Alex Webb?

Alex Webb is a reality star and expert builder currently operating within the state of Virginia. Together with his co-stars, Mark Bowe, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, and Graham Ferguson, he renovates old cabins, barns, and sheds into modular modern living spaces.

Before joining the team, Webb had no experience working with hammers, nails, or operating heavy machinery. His work portfolio had him working on a railroad as a locomotive engineer before accepting the invitation to join the crew in 2016. Since then, he has been instrumental in delivering key projects on time.

Alex Webb Net worth and Sources of Income

The inception of Alex Webb’s net worth may have begun in his days as a locomotive engineer but picked up significantly as a celebrity. The reality star might have been able to pay his bills before, but now, he has more than enough to participate in charities.

He made his way into Barnwood Builders on June 12th, 2016, three years after the show had already gained momentum and ratings. Alex quickly became a fan favorite after helping the crew reclaim a one-room log schoolhouse in South Carolina on season three, episode 8. What started out as a simple project would lay the groundwork for his success. By how much, you ask?

Image of Barnwood Builders cast members, Graham Ferguson
Barnwood Builders’ cast members

Alex Webb’s net worth remains unknown despite all these years in the limelight. He deeply cares for his fans but never divulges any information about his life beyond the scope of the camera. That said, the reality star has also been detrimental at keeping his salary a secret.

However, he often gets confused with another celebrity also named Alex Webb. The latter is a professional photographer currently based in San Francisco, California, where he takes amazing street portraits. Moreover, he works with Magnum Photos and identifies as an author. Most blogs end up confusing Alex Webb’s net worth with the photographers as $1 million.

Is Alex Webb Married to a wife? Any Kids?

If there’s one thing the reality star knows better than renovating old barns, it’s confining his personal life to himself. Most celebrities tend to slip up and have information about their significant others leak on the internet but not Alex Webb. There have never been any talks of Alex Webb’s marriage to a wife or kids.

Most fans would argue that he is always cheerful, especially on a meet-and-greet with fans. It’s hard not to love him—however, the challenge of finding out who his significant other is coming up on two fronts. For starters, the reality star never agrees to one-on-one interviews that might get too personal. Secondly, he is always on the road in West Virginia, which makes it difficult to get him rooted at home with a wife and kids.

Age and Date of Birth

Alex Webb recently turned 43 owing to his birthday on February 1st. The DIY star was born and raised in Monroe County in the year 1978 and identified as an Aquarius.

Wiki-bio and Other facts

Full name Alex Webb
Age Unknown
Date of Birth February 1st, 1978
Place of Birth USA
Profession TV personality
Net worth Unknown
Wife Undisclosed
Kids Not known
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

The back story to Alex Webb isn’t in any public domain, making it difficult to trace his roots. However, you might have a few interesting facts about him that might pique your interest. For starters, did you know that the home improvement star also served in the United States army?

Webb spent most of his youth in Monroe County, his birth town. Only after his high school graduation, he relocated to Georgia to pursue higher education at Columbus State University. It’s highly unlikely that he graduated, considering he only spent two years at the institution. After that, he joined the army, where he would spend not more than a decade in servitude.

Soon after, the reality star relocated to Norfolk to work on the Southern Railroad as a locomotive engineer. Here on after he landed on a deal of a lifetime with Mark Bowe and the rest of the team in Barnwood Builders – a feat he is most grateful for.

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