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Andrew Terraciano Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

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Andrew Terraciano networth, wikipedia

Andrew Terraciano is an American tv personality. He started his career through modeling and slowly transitioned towards acting. Andrew got most of his fame from Blue Bloods. It is a crime thriller series where he plays the role of Sean Reagan.

Aside from his involvement in the series since 2010, he also has been featured in a movie. His role in the Rogue Assistant (2014) short film has provided him with a background in the film industry as well. In this article, we discuss Andrew Terraciano’s age, net worth, and wiki biography.

Age and Birthday

Andrew Terraciano was born on 5th February 2003. In 2021, he is 18 years old.

Andrew Terraciano Net Worth and Salary

Andrew started his career in modeling at a very early age. Most of his income comes from the series Blue Bloods which generates him about $50k annually. So far, he has accumulated a large net worth of $2 million. For a young man, he has successfully accumulated a large sum from his earnings.

Tony Terraciano and his brother, Andrew Terraciano

Tony Terraciano and his brother, Andrew Terraciano

Andrew Terraciano Wiki Biography

Andrew Terraciano was born in Westchester, NYC. He has one brother, Tony, and a sister named Molly. He grew up with his parents and started his journey in the television industry from an early age. From a young age of 6 months, he was sent for modeling. And ever since, Andrew has made significant progress in his career.

To begin with, he was pretty versed in modeling and a little bit in acting as well. Thus, the Blue Bloods team granted Andrew, and his brother, a role in the series. There they played as Donnie Whalberg’s kids. Andrew played the role of Sean Reagan’s character in the show flawlessly.


Blue Bloods star plays the role of Sean Reagan with his due diligence. Doing each work the best you can, is a sure way to success. This trait got Andrew a large fan-following. In addition to Blue Blood, Andrew has appeared in other shows as well. He worked as Rouge Assistant.

To summarize, this short film revolves around a writer’s journey, and Andrew plays the role of Werewolf Boy in this story. He likes to keep his life private and away from attention. Likewise, he only uses Instagram to post updates about his personal life.

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