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Angela Victoria Johnson: Where is Chloe Chrisley’s Mom? What Happened?

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Chloe Chrisley’s Mom, Angela Victoria Johnson

Angelia Victoria Johnson is an American Entrepreneur and a nurse. She is an ordinary person who got quite a fame through her daughter. Angela’s daughter Chloe Chrisley is a famous tv personality with her show on the USA Network. “Chrisley Knows Best” revolves around the life of Todd Chrisley and his relatives. Being the granddaughter of Todd Chrisley, Chole got featured in the show as well. After her appearance, her fans were curious to know about her mother.

This article brings you facts about Chole Chrisley’s Mom. We will also discuss what happened to her.

Angela Victoria Johnson is Chloe Chrisley’s Mom

We know Chloe Chrisley from the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. She was born on November 10, 2012. She grew up in South Carolina with her parents, but her happy childhood did not last very long. Soon after the marriage, Angela and Kyle Chrisley divorced, and they are currently separated.

Angela and Kyle were charged with a criminal offense. Hence, Chloe currently stays with her grandfather, Todd. One day, Todd Chrisley uploaded a picture of his granddaughter, Chole, on his Instagram. The incident was about watching television late at night, but it was enough to grab the attention of reality show fans.

Angela Victoria Johnson with her daughter, Chloe Chrisley
Angela Victoria Johnson with her daughter, Chloe Chrisley

Angela Victoria Johnson is Chole Chrisley’s mom. Angela was born on the 26th of September in 1968 AD. She grew up in Iva, South Carolina. When she was there, she was in a romantic relationship with Kyle. Kyle is the eldest son of the millionaire, Todd Chrisley.

Kyle and Angela decided to start a new life. Their dating life was going well, so they decided to have a kid. Soon, their daughter Chole Chrisley was born. Just a year later, Chole got a part in a reality show. After that, Kyle got into drugs, and their relationship got unstable. They separated, and Todd got custody over Chole.

What Happened between Kyle Chrisley and Baby Mama Angela Victoria Johnson?

Kyle Chrisley is Chole Chrisley’s biological father. Kyle and Angela dated for a long time, and they even moved to South Carolina with hopes of staying together. However, Kyle’s behavior was not decent. Since the time they started dating each other, Angela faced many cases of violence inflicted upon her. Choking Angela and threatening her with a knife was a common occurrence. After their marriage, Kyle started doing drugs as well. This was too much for Angela to handle, and they divorced.

Kyle Chrisley and his wife, Angela Victoria
Kyle Chrisley and his wife, Angela Victoria Johnson

What is Angela Victoria Johnson Doing now?

Angela Victoria Johnson’s current whereabouts are unknown. She used to be quite active with her Twitter account. In 2016, she tried to gain undue advantages from the state by declaring Chole as a dependent. Instead of getting what she wanted, she faced criminal charges.

After this, she stopped sending more tweets. The last time she used Twitter was on April 19, 2016. Moreover, she lost custody of her daughter, Chole Chrisley, as well. Angela is living her peaceful life away from the media’s reach.

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