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Barnwood Builders Cast 2021: Death, Net Worth & Salary.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member

DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders recently began airing its eleventh season, bringing fresh excitement unlike ever before. The show has received raging reviews overall, with each season topping the previous. While the producers may take some of the credit for this, its success majorly falls on the Barnwood Builders cast. Know the details of those cast members who died until 2021 through this article.

Each crew member’s input is highly appreciated and makes it worthwhile watching. That said, here’ an in-depth look at the Barnwood Builders Cast bio, net worth & salary as of 2021.

Barnwood Builders Cast

While the home renovation show might seem like a high-budget production piece, only about seven people comprise the Barnwood Builders Cast. The OG crew includes Mark Bowe, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, and Graham Ferguson, who were present during the show’s debut in 2013.

Others who became part of the family include Alex Webb, who joined the series on its third run in 2015. On the other hand, we also have the likes of Brian Buckner, who was present during the initial two seasons but left for greener pastures elsewhere.

Since the show revolves around the crew reclaiming old pioneer-era cabins into modern homes, you might think it’s always about hammering nails, drilling rivets, and constant woodwork. However, their story is told over a witty narrator voiced by none other than Sean McCourt, part of the Barnwood Builders cast.

Who Died on Barnwood Builders? 

Everyone knows that construction workers are more susceptible to death categorized under unforeseen work-related accidents. These may range from structures collapsing, electrocution from short circuits, among others. Back in 2015, headlines related to Barnwood Builders Cast member dies flooded the internet and different news media outlets.

When Brian Buckner did not return for the show’s third installment, the worry was written all over fans’ faces. The situation was made worse when records of a 35-year-old middle-aged man named Brian Warren Buckner found their way onto the public obituary. On the other hand, Johnny Jett has also played victim to these internet death rumors. Fortunately, no one has ever died from the show.

Mark Bowe Net Worth and Salary

The epilogue of Barnwood Builders would not have been possible were it not for Mark Bowe. After envisioning the project for some time, he brought together a group of like-minded individuals and launched the company, Antique Cabins and Barns back in 1996. About a decade later, he met up with a documentary producer and tied his company onto television on the DIY Network.

Image of an American tv personality, Mark Bowe
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Mark Bowe

After mounds of progression, Barnwood Builders went on to birth a new venture, Barnwood LivingThe reality star went from a builder, venture capitalist, and producer after overseeing the production of some of the episodes. This year, tabloids reported that Mark Bowe’s net worth had risen to approximately $1 million. For the 11 years that the show has aired on the DIY network, Bowe has netted a salary of $300,000 at the end of each year.

However, it wasn’t always like this. Initially, Mark worked as a coal miner and eventually rose to the position of safety technician. Now he commands a crew of six over a show watched over by millions. Talk of an upgrade!

Johnny Jett

Johnny Jett identifies as the oldest and most experienced in the Barnwood Builders cast list. At 71 years old, he has fought the Vietnam wars, seen the fall and rise of different techniques in the construction sector, and put up hundreds of structures.

It is for this reason that Johnny Jett’s net worth sums up to $400,000. Both the Discovery Channel and the DIY network pay him an annual stipend of $50,000 for all the projects he handles. At the same time, the reality star is also prudent about having multiple sources of income. Johnny Jett streams a ton of cash from his private art collection.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast members, Johnny Jett
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Johnny Jett

He has a dedicated website that he uses to market and sell different set pieces of canvases. Additionally, he also uses affiliate marketing to monetize the site to earn more. You can check it out for yourself by visiting the website here.

Alex Webb from Barnwood Builders

Alex Webb may have been late to the party but has certainly found his place among the crew. He first appeared on Barnwood Builders back in 2016 as the rookie of the show. Having no prior experience with construction, aside from that one time he helped his dad with a hacksaw as a kid, he had to learn the rest on the job.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member, Alex Webb
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Alex Webb

Alex Webb made his debut in season 3, episode 8, which featured the team reclaiming a one-room log schoolhouse. Before that, he had worked as a locomotive engineer always on the railroad. He took a gamble by joining Mark Bowe’s crew that ultimately paid off. Since then, the hillbilly, iconic for his overgrown beard, has never skipped a season.

Unlike the Barnwood Builders cast, Alex Webb’s net worth does not exist in the public library or the internet. Some blogs have tried to make wild guesses shipping his net worth at approximately $180,000. However, he tends to keep all information about his affairs and wealth private. They are constantly traveling across the country makes it even harder to keep tabs on Webb’s assets. Nonetheless, be sure to check in with us just in case the info hits our newsroom.

Graham Ferguson

Graham Ferguson is probably the luckiest member of the crew, and here’s why. Right before the series made its debut on the DIY network, Mark Bowe offered him an invitation for a week’s worth of work with his crew. The two made their acquaintances through their kids, who went to the same school in Lewisburg and became friends right after.

Image of a TV personality, Graham Ferguson
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Graham Ferguson

The job intended to last a week went on for months until he sealed it with a contract. He started as a landscaper and diversified into a builder. Before he came under the spotlight, the reality star was a self-employed landscaper beyond reach in Summers County. Now, he travels across the country and donates to charity whenever he can. Graham Ferguson’s net worth currently stands at $250,000 from a salary of over $56000.

Tim Rose

If you thought Johnny Jett was the only cast member who fought in the war, think again. Tim Rose is also a war veteran who offered his services as an Air Force Mechanic for about a decade before he went back to the easy life. It’s probably why he is always seen masquerading around with Jett.

Image of Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member, Tim Rose
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Tim Rose

Rose joined Mark Bowe and the crew in 2006, offering his expertise in machine operation. However, like the rest of the team, Rose also became a builder after learning on the job. Moreover, he also works as a guide, trapper, trader, and chef whenever he is not busy on the weekends. That being said, Tim Rose’s net worth tallies to approximately $250,000 from all his avenues. However, unlike the rest of the crew, his salary remains private and confidential.

Sean McCourt

Out of all the Barnwood Builders cast, Sean McCourt is the only one with a dedicated Wikipedia page. Despite appearing on the credits, you will never see his face around with the crew. Instead, he lends his voice as the narrator for the series since 2013. Sean McCourt also takes credit as one of the executive producers on the home improvement series.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member, Sean McCourt
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Sean McCourt

He also appeared on Broadway classics such as Wicked, Mary Poppins, Titanic, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. As an actor, Sean has also appeared on other television shows such as Sesame Street, Law and Order, All My Children, and Ed. To sum up all his sources of income, Sean McCourt’s net worth currently sits at $3.4 million. His salary, on the other hand, is unknown.

Shemar Thompson

Last on the list is Shemar Thompson, one of the longest-running cast members on Barnwood Builders. He is one of the founding fathers of the show and the company, Antique Cabins and Bars. The home improvement company dates back to 1998. Thompson is the go-to guy for all wood craftsmanship projects on the series and beyond. The role even earned him the nickname Master of the Chainsaw.

Aside from all his earnings, the home renovator is responsible for creating cabinets, furniture, and other merchandise sold off on the Barnwood Builders online store. With that in mind, Shemar Thompson’s net worth culminates to around $350,000, mostly from his salary of $50,000 annually.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast member, Shemar Thompson
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Shemar Thompson

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