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Bernice Burgos Daughter Sarai Burgos Age, Boyfriend, Biography.

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Bernice Burgos Daughter Sarai Burgos Biography

Bernice Burgos is an American music video model and internet sensation born on April 17, 1980. She is famous for proudly flaunting her curvaceous, beautiful body like a video vixen. However, Bernice is more than just a curvy model. She is a successful entrepreneur and owns her brand of lingerie, ‘Bold and Beautiful.’

Furthermore, Bernice is the best example of rags to riches. At 15, she was pregnant, and her family discarded her. Since then, Bernice started working on her own to provide for herself and her child. Today, she is a self-made multi-millionaire and mother of two beautiful daughters, Ashley and Sarai Burgos.

In this article, we take a look at Bernice Burgos’s youngest daughter, Sarai Burgos’s biography, age, and boyfriend.

Bernice Burgos Daughter, Sarai Burgos Biography

Sarai is a famous family member born in 2006 in the USA. Her mother, Bernice Burgos, raised her and her elder sister, Ashley, with a lot of struggle. Bernice was barely in her teens when she got pregnant. Moreover, she had to live away from her family and be on her own. Sarai’s mother worked as a bartender, at a club called ‘The Breakfast Club’ and alongside modeled for several agencies. Eventually, she became famous and rose to become a popular video vixen.

Sarai Burgos mother and sister, Ashley Burgos and Bernice Burgos
Ashley Burgos and Bernice Burgos

Sarai’s life has been behind curtains from her early childhood. Bernice is very private about her kids and does not speak of them in public. She does not share pictures of her daughter, neither does she take her to events.

Thus, we are clueless about the biography details of Sarai Burgos. Moreover, Sarai is not active on any form of social media. But fret not, our team of researchers is tagging Bernice for her daughter Sarai’s details, and we shall update it soon for our readers.

Sarai Burgos Age and Birthday

Popular American model’s daughter, Sarai Burgos, is in her mid-teens. We do not have the exact date of her birth. However, she took birth in 2006, and in 2021, she is 15 years old.

Sarai Burgos with her family Family
Sarai Burgos with her family Family

Sarai Burgos Net Worth

Bernice Burgos’s daughter is a fortunate child to be born as Bernice’s daughter. She is entirely dependent on her mother to fulfill her need. Moreover, Bernice has provided her daughters with a very luxurious life. The single mother of two makes enormous money from modeling and business to support her children. In 2021, Sarai’s mother has a net worth equivalent to $2 million.

Sarai Burgos Boyfriend

The young Burgos girl is very private about her life. She does not appear in the limelight with her mother and always stays away from the media. Moreover, Sarai does not have any social media accounts. Thus, we could not track Sarai’s relationship status. She is a young girl, and considering her age, she might not have a boyfriend yet.

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