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Chase Morrill Net Worth. Wife Sarah, Children, Age, Wikipedia Bio.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Chase Morrill

Many have often referred to Chase Morrill from DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters as a Hillbilly. He’s got it all, down from the beard, quirky accent, and spending most of his time deep within the Pine Tree State of Maine. This article is Chase Morrill’s Wikipedia-type page that reveals his marriage with his wife Sarah and their children.

However, he’s far from a lumberjack and makes a living off renovating dilapidated cabins with his crew. So far, the show has surpassed all expectations making it one of the highly anticipated reality series on the network.

With that, we focused our efforts on digging up as much info as we could on Chase Morrill’s net worth, wife, age, children, and wiki-bio.

Chase Morrill Net Worth.

By virtue of being the star of the show, Chase Morrill’s net worth doesn’t come as a joke. It has risen exponentially over a span of five years since he made his debut on Maine Cabin Masters. 

With the premise of the show ever so simple, it’s his hard work that puts him on the map to success.

Chase Morrill’s net worth, to a vast extent, comes from his television role on the DIY network. However, the other half comes from spearheading his construction firm, The Kennebec Cabin company.

Setting up its headquarters in Washington Avenue, Manchester in Maine, the company deals with reconstruction and flipping anything from big mansions to mediocre houses.

Kennebec Cabin Company’s growth charted across the market upwards as a result of the exposure it got from Maine Cabin Masters. He has handled major projects such as the Travis Mills Foundation, Agassiz Village Renovation, and much more.

The contracts he secured to renovate old cabins came as a blessing in disguise, especially with the pandemic. More clients retreated from the populated metropolitan cities to a rural setting with much need of their cabin restored.

As a result, Chase Morrill’s net worth now sits at over $650,000. He also draws his income from working at Maine’s Waterways. With the new season already underway, we can expect nothing less than his net worth rising, and we’ll be here to update you on it.

Chase Morrill Age and Date of Birth

Chase Morrill turned 43 years old back in December last year. He shares his birthday with the world’s popular Holiday, Christmas, having been born on December 25th, 1977. The DIY star is a known Capricorn judging from his personality.

Chase Morrill has 2 Children With his Wife Sarah.

Sorry ladies, but if you were eyeing the bearded star, he’s already taken. In fact, he has been off the market for quite some time now. The not-so-eligible bachelor is currently married to his wife, Sarah Morrill, with two daughters named Maggie and Nori.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member,Chase Morrill and his family
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Chase Morrill with his wife, Sarah Morrill, and daughters, Maggie and Nori

Some sources claim that they met while he was still in high school with her at Cony High in Maine. Others, on the other hand, have nudged the story to befit his college years while at the College of Atlantic, where they both went to. Whichever the case, he was already smitten while pursuing his education.

As social media would put it, the pair are happily married and often take vacations as a family. Her daughter Maggie is excellent at horse riding, as depicted in Sarah’s Instagram posts.

Back in 2018, they visited Pura Vida right after Chase’s birthday. A year after that, they decided against a summer beach vacation and instead toured up North to the Tuckerman Ravine located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s unclear when the couple tied the knot, but it’s a marriage stronger than most in Hollywood.

Sarah Morrill Wiki.

Chase Morrill’s wife, Sarah Morrill, is a year younger than he is. She made her way into this world back on September 25th, 1978, in North Andover, Massachusetts.

After spending her early childhood in North Andover, her family moved to Pine Tree State, where she attended Cony High School. Shortly after that, the mother of two changed schools to Phillips Academy, where she graduated in 1996.

Shortly after, Maine Cabin Masters cast Sarah enrolled at the College of Atlantic, where she and Chase would start dating. While Chase was off learning about building and construction, Sarah was more into health care.

She ended up working as a registered nurse in Maine Primary Care Association. This year, the mother of two updated her work portfolio as the director of Maranacook School-Based Health Center.

Chase Morrill Wikipedia.

Chase Morrill’s start in life began in the small town of Augusta, Maine. He was born to a family of four featuring his mother, Peggy Morrill, late father, Eric A Morrill, and his younger sister, Ashley Morrill Eldridge. Their father was a war veteran who served overseas, both in the Vietnam and German wars.

He would later return home to his wife to raise Chase and his sister. They followed in their dad’s footsteps by getting their education from Cony High School.

However, unlike his father, who would later enroll at the University of Maine, Chase went further east to the college of Atlantic.

It took him a while to land on his feet in the construction business. However, with the help of a family friend and his sister, they struck a deal with one of the production managers to begin production on Maine Cabin Masters. 

It’s a shame his father never got to see his success following his death in 2014 from cancer. But, wherever he is, he couldn’t be any prouder of what his children had accomplished together. There is no Chase Morrill Wikipedia page.

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