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Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Divorce: Is it a Fact Or Rumor?

Photo of Author, Chip & his wife, Joanna Gaines

In today’s day and age, our belief in love is almost over. However, there are a few celebrity couples that have somehow kept our beliefs intact. One of those couples who many consider as their life goals are Chip and Joanna Gaines. The husband and wife lead a successful life beyond their TV career and lead an equally stable marriage.

However, rumors are going around more than usual about troubles in their marriage. So, is it true? Are they having a divorce? Find out the truth right here, along with their love story and married life in detail. How many children do they have?

Are Chip and Joanna Gaines Getting Divorced?

Chip and Joanna Gaines are doing more than well in their marriage, but somehow divorce rumors have still come to plague their lives. Such false stories also came about at the same time as Chip and Joanna’s announcement of ending their HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper.’

It became fuel to the fire with people insinuating that the show’s foreclosure had to do with the couple’s marital problems and soon to come split and divorce.

Well, we are here to set the records straight once and for all. Joanna and Chip Gaines will not be divorcing or going through a split. We say this with certainty because, unlike A-list Hollywood couples, the Gaines does not just talk about how fairytale-like their marriage is. They are also not shy to talk about the ugly side of love.

Talking to People, Chip Gaines kept it real, saying,

“Every now and then there are times when we notice we’re getting off track and have to regroup,”

Chip told PEOPLE.

“But it’s like everything we care about, everything that’s important to us — we know it’s going to require work.

If that does not set the records straight, then see what Chip Gaines did recently. He went out of his way to respond to a fan posting against the unrest caused by such baseless rumors. He retweeted the post, showing people that the fan was right, saying, “Won’t ever happen.. you can take that to the bank.”

Met By Fate: Here is How Chip and Joanna Gaines Met.

No, we are not exaggerating their love story by naming the word-playing a classic rom-com to the sub-heading. Their love story practically begins as children.

Chip Gaines was born on 14 November 1974 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whereas; Joanna Gaines was born on 19 April 1978 in Austin, Texas. As fate would have it, Chip and Joanna both moved to Texas.

Chip came to Colleyville in 3rd grade and would spend most of his childhood there living on his grandfather’s Northern Texas ranch. Meanwhile, Joanna would follow fate to Texas much later at 12 years old when she and her family came to Austin, Texas. She would then move to Waco during her junior year in high school.

Photo of Young Joanna Gaines.
Joanna Gaines’s age and birthday.

Both of them did attend Baylor University in Waco, but Chip Gaines graduated in 1998 with a degree in Marketing.

In contrast, his wife, Joanna, was graduating three years later in 2001 with a degree in Communications. They met after college in 2001. Technically, Chip first met a 23-year-old Joanna’s picture hanging in her father’s auto shop.

Chip’s Hard-work to Getting a Date.

Since it was a family business, Joanna did help around a lot and even was the star of the auto shop’s advertisements. We can say that she was the apple of her father’s eyes.

He couldn’t just ask the Vietnam Vet about his daughter, but that day, he knew in his heart that he would marry the girl in that photo. With that determination, he kept visiting the shop with minor repairs or excuses, hoping to meet or at least catch a glimpse of the “girl in the photo.”

Image of Chip and Joanna Gaines together.
Chip and Joanna Gaines went to the same college but never met.

He was so unlucky to meet her the first few times, and his friends who knew of his ulterior motives often made fun of him for having the most tuned brakes in the world. Luckily, his effort paid off. Not only did he finally meet Joanna, but he hit things off with her right from the start of the bat.

Joanna’s auto shop commercials were his topics of choice to initiate a conversation, and it was the correct one, too, considering he got her to talk with him for 30 minutes. The following day, he asked her out, and they went on their first date.

The Flimsy First Date & the Risky Second Date.

While the summary of their first date was all good and well, the complete story makes it sound flimsy. Not only was Chip an hour and a half late to their first date, but he came to pick his future wife up looking completely different. His face was flush red, like he was working in the sun all day, which did not go well with the reddish jacket that he was wearing. And, he was BALD!

It was surprising to Joanna, but later she would learn that he went bald to show solidarity towards a cancer friend.

If anything, that made her love him even more, and the rest of the date went pretty smoothly since then. Chip was able to charm his way out of being an hour and a half late. They went to a fancy place, a historic building, and ate fried chicken sitting at the porch.

All in all, the first date was a big success, but Chip almost blew it off for the second. We couldn’t even control our anger learning that Chip waited a whole month before calling Joanna for a second date. The reason; he had a childish bet with his friend about who could go on the longest without calling their dates for $50.

It was a miracle that Joanna waited for it; many of us wouldn’t have been so patient. In the end, the couple would then go on to have many dates before finally tying the knot, so; we guess we can’t be too angry as well.

Chip and Joanna’s Married Life & Children.

After that, the couple began to fall more and more in love with each other. They had different personalities since Joanna was an introvert but was attracted to Chip’s extrovert and outgoing personality. They also had more similarities than differences.

A year into dating in 2002, Chip was talking to a private concert four hours away from Waco, but instead, he took her to the neighborhood shopping center where both their family members and sisters were waiting for a surprise.

Yes, you may have seen it coming. Chip Gaines was proposing to Joanna expectant of her Yes. However, he did not have the ring for her as he later took her to family friend Bill Holder’s jewelry shop right there in the mall.

“I was able to pick out a nice round diamond and a beautiful, antique-looking platinum setting. I had a blast sitting there with Billy, designing the perfect ring. Chip just sat there, patiently observing every second of it,”

In their joint memoir, Joanna Gaines recalled ‘The Magnolia Journal,’ where we got a lot of this article’s info.

They would get married another whole year later or so, on May 31, 2003. Chip and Joanna chose a historic mansion, Earle Harrison House in Waco, as their wedding site.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have Five Children.

The names of their kids are; Drake (age: 17 born on May 4, 2004), Ella Rose is (age: 15 born on October 23, 2006), Duke is (age: 13, born on May 23, 2008), Emmie Kay is (age: 11 born on February 1, 2010).

photo of Chip and Joanna with their children.
Chip and Joanna with their four children.

Their youngest son is Crew, who is only two years old, born on June 23, 2018.

Photo of Chip and Joanna feeding cake to their youngest son, crew
Chip and Joanna with their youngest son, crew.

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