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Dr. Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic: Location, Cost, Husband

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Facts about Dr.Brenda Mondragon Chiropratic, location, cost, husband

Dr. Brenda Mondragon believes in the body’s innate healing ability together with the benefits of Chiropractic treatment. To begin with, Brenda works as a professional Chiropractic physician. In short, she performs chiropractic therapy on patients to relieve their musculoskeletal pain. Many consider Chiropractic to be a sort of pseudoscience, but for Brenda and her patients, it seems to be working well. Aside from her professional life, she also has a YouTube channel and a few social media accounts.

This article describes Brenda Mondragon’s Chiropractic Services, Pricing, and location. Also, read about her husband.

Dr. Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic Location and Services

As a Chiropractic license holder, Dr. Brenda specializes in Chiropractic Adjustments, Myofascial Release, and Pain Relief treatments caused by injuries. Let’s look into what these services entail. Firstly, Chiropractic Adjustment is the high-velocity thrust applied to the vertebra and joints. This releases pressure along with the audible sound of gas release from the joints. It results in instant pain relief.

Secondly, Myofascial therapy attempts to release the pain caused by myofascial membranes. This helps relieve shoulder and back pain. Dr. Brenda calls it ‘what made the body in the first place, will repair the body naturally.’ In conclusion, all the services that Brenda Provides are to assist the body’s repair mechanism with chiropractic assistance. Due to this, the body recovers naturally into its optimum state.

Dr Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic Elbow Adjustment
Dr. Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic making Elbow Adjustment

Dr. Brenda Mondragon provides Chiropractic Services from two locations. The first location is 1100 Plantation Island, Saint Augustine, Florida, with street code 32080. Similarly, the second location is 6000 MetroWest BLVD, Orlando, Florida. The street code for this is 32835.

Dr. Brenda Mondragon Fees and Cost

The fees and cost of Chiropractic services depend on various factors. The charges may increase due to the complexity of each case, the pain level, the duration of the entire session, appointment fees, etc. Thus, contact Dr. Brenda Mondragon or book an appointment to know how much the service will cost. She has uploaded her cell phone number on her official website. Also, you can book an appointment with her from her Instagram @chiro_dragon.

Husband, Wiki

Brenda Mondragon was born in Davenport, Iowa. She belongs to a family of Chiropractors. The doctor got her inspiration from her father about being a chiropractor. Due to this, she and her brother started learning from the chiropractic college. It requires a bachelor’s in science, which she swiftly completed. Then, she joined Palmer Chiropractic College to get Doctorate.

Initially, she was based in Saint Augustine and currently works from Orlando, Florida. In addition, she holds a practicing license to work in California as well.

Dr. Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic's children
Dr. Brenda Mondragon Chiropractic’s children at her working place

Brenda maintains a private relationship. She is married to her husband. Her Instagram is filled with images and events of her children, but we cannot find the details about her husband so far. However, the couple does share four children- one daughter and three sons. Their daughter’s name is Linnea Mondragon. The three sons are named Diego, Hector, and Locklin. Brenda likes to call Locklin as little Einstein.

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