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How old is Elaine Trebek Kares? Facts about Alex Trebek’s Ex-Wife.

Photo of Alex Trebek’s Ex-Wife, Elaine Trebek.

We see the end of an era with Alex Trebek perhaps finally leaving ‘Jeopardy!‘ The 80-year-old host has been the game show’s presenter since its inception in 1984. Nothing of those sorts has come to pass yet, but Trebek’s old age and declining health from his Stage IV pancreatic cancer make it a good personality, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while all eyes are on Alex Trebek, a few of them also are curious about Alex Trebek’s first wife, Elaine Trebek Kares.

Elaine Trebek Kares Age is a Mystery.

For those fans who want to know Elaine Kares’ age, it’s difficult to say how old she is as of now. But our best guess is Elaine is 70 years old.

Photo of Elaine Trebek.
Elaine Trebek

Marriage and Divorce with Alex Trebek.

Alex Trebek was married to Elaine Trebek Kares in 1974. The details of how Alex Trebek and his ex-wife Elaine met and their dating life are scarce.

Though Elaine is a USA native, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, very early in her career, the home state and country of her former husband, Alex Trebek. Also, for most of her life, she worked in different parts of the television industry.

So, you can understand how they would eventually meet by hailing from the same place and similar profession. Even their married life has very little information for us to discuss, but they enjoyed a remarkable married life spanning over seven years.

They went through a divorce in 1981, which was peaceful enough not to cause any media ruckus like most messy celebrity divorces usually do.

Old photo of newly married couple, Alex and Elaine Trebek.
Alex Trebek and Elaine Trebek’s old picture as newlyweds.

Elaine Kares was previously married to ex-husband Louis Callei until 1974. She remarried once more after her divorce with Alex Trebek, marrying film producer Peter Kares.

Alex Trebek also went on to get remarried to Jean Currivan, a New York real estate project manager, in 1990. The two have remained happily married since and are parents to two children, Matthew and Emily Trebek.

Photo of Alex Trebek with current wife, Jean Currivan in party.
Alex Trebek with his current wife, Jean Currivan.

She has one daughter from her Ex-husband, Meet Nicky Trebek.

Elaine Trebek did not have any biological children with Alex Trebek, but Alex did adopt Elaine’s daughter, Nicky, from her previous marriage to her husband, Louis Callei.

Like her mother, Nicky has kept Alex’s surname even after their divorce and still holds a very close father-daughter relationship with him. They even hang out together and take care of each other, as you will see a lot through her Instagram page.

We can all learn a little from Elaine Trebek and Alex Trebek about how one should handle divorce. Nicky Trebek was six years old when Elaine married Alex Trebek and is 53 years old as of 2020.

She briefly worked with her father behind the production of his game show ‘Jeopardy!’ for two episodes. She also holds credits for appearing as an actress in the short movie ‘BraceFace Brandi‘ and working behind the scenes on the 1993 movie ‘Freaked.’

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Nicky Trebek was also a Model and Singer.

Nicky Trebek was also a decent model who did several infomercials and consumer ads for big-name magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Madamoiselle, Allure, and Self. Alex and Elaine Trebek’s daughter became quite a successful singer with five original songs to her name. Her most famous one was her debut single, ‘Every Beat of Your Heart,’ which she sang along with Bill Champlin from Chicago.

Furthermore, the song also was full of several other musicians playing the instruments like Tim Pierce (Session guitarist from Goo Goo Dolls), Leland Sklar (electrical bass guitarist for Phil Collins), JT Thomas (keyboard player for Bruce Hornsby, Kenny Aronoff (drummer for John Mellencamp) and Talley Sherwood (engineer for NSYNC).

Moreover, she also put out five cover songs of her favorite artists: Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Elvis Presley. She even posts about them on her IG a lot.

Photo of Nicky Trebek in David Bowie filter.
Nicky Trebek in David Bowie filter listening to his song.

Facts about Elaine Kares.

  1. Elaine Trebek Kares (Alex Trebek’s ex-wife) was born in Columbus, Ohio, and thus, is an American native.
  2. She has a degree in Journalism from Ohio State University.
  3. She moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her first husband, Louis Callei, where she ran her promotion and party planning business.
  4. Elaine Kares was a Playboy model in the 1960s.
  5. Kares is also famous as Elaine Callei, her first husband’s family name because shortly after, Elaine became the host of her daily talk show ‘Call Callei‘ at the CHCH-TV in Hamilton. She was famous for talking about border-bending sexual topics. A particular 1972 interview with former call girl Xaviera Hollander went too far and became the reason for her show’s eventual end.
  6. She then went on to join Canada AM in February 1973 as a co-host, but within a few months, it was clear that Elaine did not fit into the role. So, she quit that job, and Helen Hutchinson took over the morning show after her.
  7. She owns Scent Seal, a company that introduces a new way to package perfume and fragrance samples.
  8. Mag-a-Music is another one of the companies run by her, which is a multimedia music distribution business.
  9. Similarly, she owns and runs a Los Angeles art gallery with the name Gallery Go.
  10. Elaine Trebek Kares has a good relationship with her ex-husband, Alex Trebek. Nickey’s daughter is close to Alex’s current family and considers Matthew and Emily like her own siblings.
Photo of Nicky Trebek and her brother, Mattew and sister, Emily.
Nicky Trebek with brother Matthew and sister Emily.

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