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Facts about Joe Gatto’s Wife Bessy Gatto and Their Children

Photo of Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy Gatto.

The Impractical Jokers have soared right off the screen and into the hearts of their adoring fans. The hoard of admiring individuals is always on the lookout for new information concerning the jokers. One of the jokers who is thought of as the bravest of the group is Joe Gatto. From the show, you will find out that Joe is daring and bold in the stunts he participates in. His peers have even termed him as ‘having no shame.’

Staunch fans of Joe also know that when he is not making a fool of himself on TV, he spends his time with his family at their home. This article explores the other side of his life, including Joe Gatto’s wife, Bessy Gatto, and their children.

Photo of Impractical Jokers Joe Gatto.

Impractical Jokers Joe Gatto.

Joe Gatto’s Love Life and Marriage

Bessy Gatto is the wife of Joe Gatto. It is not clear what year Joe met Bessy but the two dated for several years before getting married. They got married on September 2nd, 2013, making Joe the first group member to get married.

Joe’s friend and troupe member Sal Vulcano officiated the ceremony; he is an ordained minister. The wedding was attended by friends (including his fellow jokers), family, and celebrities.

Photo of Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy Gatto.

Joe Gatto with his wife, Bessy Gatto.

Joe Gatto Kids

The famous comedian is currently at maximum capacity but loves every minute of it. Joe Gatto is a proud father of two children and a ‘purrent’ to four fur babies. Joe’s Instagram is full of pictures of his wife, kids, and dogs depicting love and happiness.

Joe and Bessy had their first child on May 7th, 2015, a baby girl they named Milana Francine Gatto. They had their second child barely two years after Milana. They named a baby boy Remington Joseph, or as he is popularly known, on Joe’s Instagram, Rem. Joe has said in many interviews that he loves being a father and was excited to welcome a second child.

Photo of Joe Gatto's Wife, Bessy Gatto and children.

Joe Gatto with his Wife, Bessy Gatto, and children.

As for the fur babies, Joe has four dogs. Joe is an active supporter of pet adoption and has participated in social media and real life. On social media, he uses the hashtag #adoptdontshop and lives by this rule.

Currently, he has four dogs, all adopted. Spumoni, who he adopted right after attending the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas, is his most recent addition. He has also adopted Tartufo, Cannoli, and Biscotti.


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Joe also had two other dogs. Mishkeen made an appearance on the Impractical Jokers on truTV. Unfortunately, he passed away back in 2017. The other was Zeppole, who passed away in 2018. Joe fondly remembered both dogs in separate heartfelt posts on social media.

Bessy Gatto Age: Wiki-Facts

Even though her husband’s fame has brought her into the limelight, very little is known about Bessy Gatto’s life before marrying the comedian. She has managed to stay secretive about the details of her early years. This includes her place of birth, her parents’ names, siblings, relationships, and even educational background.

What is known, however, is that Bessy Gatto was born on April 11th, 1982. This puts her at six years younger than her husband Joe, born in 1976. She is currently 39 years old. While she is secretive about her past, her present is well-known, thanks to social media.


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Currently, she is a social media star with over 80 thousand Instagram followers. She uses this account to promote her husband’s (and his friend’s) work, including their most recent game show, The Misery Index. She and Joe also run an online shop called Teespring.

Like her husband, she is also an adoption advocate and animal lover. She organizes fundraisers, workshops, and other programs on animal protection, adoption, and rescue. Her Instagram is full of posts of such events. Finally, Bessy maintains a healthy lifestyle by opting to be a vegan. It is for fitness and health purposes.

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