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Forrie J Smith Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Kids

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Facts about Forrie J Smith Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Kids

Like any other career, it requires a lot of challenging practice to become a cowboy. An actor cannot rush to train himself to become a cowboy for a particular film or series. Being a modern cowboy actor became Forrie J Smith’s forte.

Most of his roles are characterized as a cowboy because he is naturally known for being one. This article will focus on the discussion about Forrie J Smith Wikipedia, net worth, and age. Also, learn about his marital status and find out if he has any children.

Forrie J Smith Wikipedia

Forrie Jordan Smith is an American actor and horseman. He is best known for the Paramount Network western series ‘Yellowstone,’ as Lloyd. His expertise as a cowboy helped him walk in his current career path, and it seems he’s working with passion.

According to Forrie J Smith, he aims to promote and educate people regarding the importance of ranching as he acts like a cowboy in several Hollywood Western movies.

Forrie J Smith as Lloyd on Yellowstone
Forrie J Smith plays the role of Lloyd on Yellowstone

On the 6th of May 1959, Forrie J Smith was born and raised by his mother and stepfather in his grandparent’s ranch in Helena, Montana. He comes from a family who also had experiences in his horsing career.

The Yellowstone’s star revealed that he discovered his interest in stunts when he fell off a horse while he was at the age of 6. His grandmother didn’t like the idea of him being a horseman. But due to his grandfather’s influence, he started to involve himself in rodeo by bareback horses and joining rodeo competitions in his adolescent years.

Full Name Forrie Jordan Smith
Birthdate May 6, 1959
Birthplace Helena, Montana, USA
Age 62
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Stunts
Marital Status Married
Spouse Unknown
Children Forrest Smith
Net Worth $6,000,000


Forrie J Smith considered himself a ‘bit’ actor during his early years in the film industry because he has a lot to learn as an actor. His passion for rodeo made him into the film industry and entered as a ‘bit’ actor and stuntman. His first movie is the remake of ‘Stagecoach.’ He was the only one who could manage to play with ropes as a cowboy, so he got the role.

Later on, Forrie J Smith received another role in a TV movie, ‘Desperado,’ as a stuntman. Then, he enhanced his acting skills through the acting lessons from Lawrence Parks.

The American cowboy got his character as Lloyd from the Paramount Network western series ‘Yellowstone,’ which was aired on the 20th of June 2018. The show is still circulating in the present day.

Forrie J Smith doesn’t have plans to retire yet, but rumors about him leaving the series on their 4th season are currently worrying his fans. The rumor isn’t confirmed until now.


Forrie J Smith is currently 62-years of age as of 2022. Since he was eight years old, the actor practiced his horsing skill by joining rodeo competitions, which led him to his current career in the film industry as a cowboy actor. He is currently living in his acting career for almost four decades.

Is Forrie J Smith married to a Wife?

Forrie is living in showbiz as a mystery man. Although his fans have considered him a married man for a long time, a cowboy doesn’t reveal much information about his love life. He kept his wife’s identity and marital status in private. There is no certain issue regarding his wife, so people speculate that they live together happily and peacefully.


Even though he is a private person, Forrie J Smith couldn’t keep his son behind his back because he wanted to follow his career path. Forrest Smith is known to be Forrie’s son. He is also an American actor.

In 2018, he started his first project in the short film ‘The Magi’ as Joseph. His son, Forrest Smith, is famously known in ‘Yellowstone’ as younger Lloyd. The physical gap of their character (Lloyd) receives hype from their fans because of their resemblance.

Forrie J Smith with his Son Forrest Smith
Forrie J Smith, along with his Son, Forrest Smith

Net Worth

The 62-year-old cowboy actor, Forrie J Smith, had accumulated a total net worth of $6 million through his acting career as of 2022. He’s been acting for almost four decades.

His primary source of income is being an actor and currently being part of the Paramount Network Western series ‘Yellowstone’ as Lloyd. Many people believe that he has a ranch of his own as he was from a family of farmers.

In the end, let’s hope you enjoyed reading this cowboy’s Wikipedia-type short biography.

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