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Graham Ferguson Wiki, Spouse, Family

Image of a TV personality, Graham Ferguson

The Barnwood builder’s documentary series has grown to be one of the top-rated shows among those airing on the DIY network. It basically follows a group of six west Virginia craftsmen as they try to reclaim beaten-down log cabins and Barns by renovating them to modern-like structures.

Among the cast members is Graham Ferguson, he blends well with the rest mostly because of his wittiness, charm, and creative ideas. Since you already know of his TV character, this article will give you a more in-depth insight into his personal life. Here is Graham Ferguson’s wiki, spouse, family, and net-worth explained.

Who is Graham Ferguson?

Graham Ferguson is a TV personality in the show Barnwood builders. Besides that, Graham is a family man who immensely enjoys cooking for his family and friends. He was introduced to the show in 2013 as ‘The rookie’ and has appeared in the majority of the episodes ever since. Aside from the fact that he hails from Summer county, very little is known of his early career in landscaping before debuting on TV.

Graham Ferguson Net-Worth

Just like the majority of the cast members from Barnwood builders, Graham Ferguson has never disclosed how much he has earned in the seven seasons he has worked for Barnwood Builders. Since we were also in the dark on his landscaping ventures before he landed the TV gig, it is difficult to decipher how much he used to earn. It is safe to assume that he is well-loaded, seeing that he has a contract with the DIY network and Mark Bowe’s company.

Image of Barnwood Builders cast members, Graham Ferguson
Barnwood Builders’ star, Graham Ferguson, and his cast members

Though I cannot vouch for this source, networthpost claims that Graham Ferguson’s net worth is $12 million.

Graham Ferguson’s Wife

If there is one thing the ‘Barnwood builders’ cast members are known for, it is their ability to keep their personal lives a secret. So far, Graham Ferguson is the only one who has gone public with the love of his life, Shannon Murphy. However, he has not divulged any more information besides the fact that she supports him wholeheartedly and is always by his side. Shannon is often seen traveling with Graham as the cast members traverse the continent searching for their next project.

One time, Graham Ferguson held a charitable event to help neglected and abused children in Spa city. The event was also a meet and greeted where fans could have a one-on-one interaction with the star. Shannon hosted the event alongside her lover, and many people went to interact with her too.

Graham has since admitted that he and Shannon have kids but have not specified the number and gender. Be sure to check often to see if we have updated the said information.

Graham Ferguson WiKi-Bio

The majority of the Barnwood builder’s crew hails from West Virginia apart from Graham Ferguson; he is from Summers county. It is safe to assume that he was born and raised in Summers county, as that is where he has also chosen to raise his own kids. It is through his kids’ school that he met Mark Bowe. Mark had heard he was a landscaper and approached him as he thought he would be a worthy addition to his team. It turns out he was right all along.

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