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Facts about Guy Fieri’s sister Morgan Fieri and Cause of Death.

Photo of Guy Fieri's sister, Morgan Fieri.

Guy Fieri is the correct definition of a jack of all trades. He is an author, a TV host, businessman, philanthropist, chef, just to name but a few. Over the many years in his career, he has accumulated an enormous fan base.

Therefore, his family taking center stage by making headlines isn’t something fairly new to them. That said, when he announced that his sole sibling was dead, the internet went on a frenzy. So what exactly is the cause of Guy Fiery’s sister Morgan Fieri’s death? Stick around as we unravel the truth behind her untimely demise.

Cause of Death of Morgan Fieri.

Guy Fieri’s and his sister Morgan Fieri were born and raised in Ferndale. They were the only children to their parents- Jim and Penelope Ferry.

The two grew close during their childhood, so when the doctors diagnosed Morgan with cancer at the age of four, it shook Guy.

By then, he was eight years old, so he could not comprehend what was happening. Friends, family, and the community stood with the family through the recovery journey until Morgan passed by as cancer-free.

Photo of Morgan Fieri, her sibling, Guy and parent.
Family photo of Morgan Fieri with her parent and brother.

However, at the age of 38 years, Morgan Fieri was again diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. This time around, she was not as lucky as during her childhood. Morgan Fieri lost the fight and succumbed to the disease a year later.

Interesting about Morgan Fieri.

  1. Morgan was born in Fortuna, Ca, in September 27, 19972, and she died in February 19, 2011.
  2. Her parents owned and operated Abraxas and Dave saddlery, so it is no shock that she was an avid horse rider among other sports.
  3. While living in Sebastopol in 1999, Morgan has had a son and named him Jules. The child’s father is unknown to the public.
  4. Morgan started her career as a gifted massage therapist, but she changed it to practice healing arts. She did different forms of healing arts up until her death.
  5. She was a very environmentally cautious person and even introduced Guy to a vegetarian diet.
  6. Guy Fieri’s sister Morgan Fieri belonged to the LGBTQ+ community and married to a woman named Annie Antepara. The couple lived together with their son Jules in Fairfax.
  7. Guy dedicated his last book to Morgan and tattooed himself an image that means ‘Namaste’ as Morgan loved saying the word.
  8. Morgan was a prominent philanthropist and volunteer as per her obituary. She helped run her brother’s foundation for children with cancer and once volunteered in an orphanage in Calimo.
Photo of Guy Fieri's tattoo
Guy Fieri tattooed his arm in the memory of his sister.

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