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Is Cavetown Trans? His Pronouns, Gender, Net Worth

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Cave town is Transgender

Cavetown is a young YouTuber, singer, lyricist, content creator, and record producer from England. He owns a YouTube channel with 1.88 million subscribers and overall 284 million views. Moreover, the young musician is skillful with his instruments, guitar, ukulele, kazoo, MIDI keyboard, and melodica. He has released four studio albums till September 2021.

Furthermore, Cavetown has become a hot topic among internet users because of rumors related to his sexuality. Below we find out the validity of the rumors and discuss his gender, net worth, and pronouns.

Who is Robin Skinner, aka Cavetown?

Cavetown was born to his musicologist father, David Skinner, on December 15, 1998, in Oxford. David taught him to play guitar from an early age of 8. We do not have his mother’s name. However, she was also a music teacher and a professional flutist. At eight years old, Robin moved from Oxford to Cambridge with his family.

For formal education, Robin enrolled in Parkside Community college. He later moved to Hills Road College in 2015 and graduated in 2017. Being a music enthusiast, Robin started a YouTube channel, ‘Cavetown’ in 2012 and posted his first original song, ‘Haunted Lullaby.’ However, he officially recorded his first song in 2013, ‘Rain.’

Robin Skinner, aka Cavetown
Robin Skinner, aka Cavetown

With breathtaking voice, musical covers, and funny content, Cavetown has taken over the internet. He averages a monthly stream of over 6 million on Spotify. He has four recorded studio albums, including his most recent, Sleepyhead, released on March 27, 2020. Moreover, he has recorded many mixtapes, singles, and extended plays over the years.

Cavetown Pronouns

There are many rumors on the internet from a long regarding the sexuality of Cavetown. People have doubts that the young English singer is transgender. So, is Robin transgender? He once posted an image carrying a transgender flag, which raised doubts in people’s minds. Again, his appearance and melodic-themed music have escalated the doubts. However, Robin cleared these rumors off the internet with a very bold and courageous act.

In September 2020, he announced himself as a transgender person through his social media handles. He prefers pronouns like he/they to be used for him.

Cavetown Gender

Robin Skinner, aka Cavetown, faced various racist and transphobic comments in his social media handles. Thus in 2020, he clarified his gender in front of the whole world as transgender. Not just a transgender person, Cavetown also revealed his sexuality as aromantic and asexual.

Age and Birthday

The 1998 born young internet sensation is 22 years old. However, in a month or so, on December 15, Cavetown turns 23.

Real Name

Cavetown, aka Robin Skinner’s original name, is Robin Daniel Skinner. However, barely anyone knows him by his real name. Cavetown has not shared his idea of choosing the name.

Net Worth and Income

The 21-year-old YouTube figure has undoubtedly achieved milestones at such young age. He makes enormous earnings from his monetized YouTube channel, social media handles, and other brand promotions. With an average earning of $600,000 a year, Cavetown is worth approximately $3 million.

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