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Is Will Estes(Jameson Reagan) Married to Wife/Partner? Or is he Gay? Net Worth

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Facts about Blue Bloods star Will Estes love life

We know Will Estes from CBS’s hit crime series- Blue Bloods. Will was portrayed as the Jameson Regan in the series, where he is an officer at the NYC police department. He started his journey by playing low-level roles in the movies and series, whichever he would find. But through his dedication to each role, he has successfully established himself in the ranks of top tv personalities.

Today, we will discuss Will Estes’s married life, net worth, and gay rumors.

Who is Will Estes Wife?

Will Estes is not currently married to anyone. He was once ready to engage with his fiancé Rachel Boston, but they did not marry in the end. Then, the fans started wondering if Will was into an actress, Vanessa Ray. This rumor started thanks to the crime series Blue Bloods. The script required Will and Vanessa to be together, even romantically for the scenes.

Will Estes and his rumored girlfriend, Vanessa Ray
Will Estes and his co-actor, Vanessa Ray

Starting with the fourth season, they were dating for the show. The duo did a few kissing scenes together, leading fans to believe that something could be between them. However, that was strictly professional as per the script’s requirements. Actually, Vanessa Ray is already married to Landon Beard for six years now.

Is Will Estes Gay?

Some Gay Rumors are spreading about Will Estes. However, we are not entirely sure where the rumor started from. It could be from his broken engagement. Will has been in a few romantic relationships so far and almost got married too. So, Will Estes is not gay.

Will Estes(Jameson Reagan) Girlfriend/Partners

In the past, Will Estes was in a relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer is currently spending her married life with her husband, Brian Hallisay. Will and Jennifer started their romantic relationship. After a year, their dating life fell apart. After his breakup, he found another lovely woman while working on the show.

Shortly after that, Estes started dating Jodie Sweet. Their love life led to nowhere, generating only speculations among the fans. Some years later, he dated Rachel Boston. They decided to marry as they were on good terms. However, their engagement was called off.

Will Estes with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Boston
Will Estes with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Boston

Net Worth and Earnings

Will Estes has appeared in many hit movies and television series. He has accumulated a large sum from the earnings, and he earns close to a million annually. Due to his successful career choices, he currently has an estimated net worth of 12 million dollars.

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