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Jared Toller. Is Constance Still Married?

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Constance is still married

Constance Nunes is a TV personality. She has worked as a mechanic in the Netflix show: Car Masters Rust to Riches. As a mechanic, she fixes the vehicles to give them a new look and finally sells renovated cars for a profit. Aside from her tv career, Constance is also a part-time model. She started with modeling for car shows, but she later entered fashion modeling.

In this article, we will discuss Jared Toller’s wife Constance Nunes and their current relationship status.

Constance Nunes is still married to Jared Toller.

Accompanying the shared interests in cars, Constance and Jared’s dating life began a while ago. After dating for eight years, the love pair finally decided to marry. The couple exchanged marital vows in Newhall Mansion, Piru, California, in the presence of family and close ones.

Constance Nunes in wedding dress with her husband, Jared Toller
Constance Nunes and her husband, Jared Toller

It was 2019, and they celebrate their anniversary on the 9th of February every year. In order to make the wedding ceremony more memorable, they invited Joel Bonifacio to record the precious moments. He is a professional photographer and videographer. The couple is happily married and doesn’t plan to have kids anytime soon.

Constance Nunes Husband Jared Toller Wiki

Jared Toller is Constance’s husband. He was born on 5th November 1990. Jared Toller is a car enthusiast, and he works along with his wife. Jared went for a bachelor’s degree after finishing his high school education. He has been in many get-together events. Among these, one was particularly amusing.  There, Jared got to meet his lovely wife Constance through his friend. It was love at first sight, and with some assistance from his friend, they started dating. Jared dated Constance for eight years. After a long dating life, Jared proposed to Constance for marriage. As a result, they got married and have been living happily as a couple ever since.

Jared does not share his life details on social media. Constance doesn’t like sharing about her husband on Instagram. Hence, Jared’s life is mostly hidden. Away from any attention, Jared is still deciding on building his career. Jared Toller has a net worth of over a million dollars.

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