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How Old is Johnny Jett? His Wife, Dad, Wiki

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast members, Johnny Jett

Most people consider the ages of the ’60s, ’70s, and 80’s as their retirement period. However, Johnny Jett thinks otherwise. As the oldest cast member in the DIY network’s Barnwood Builders, he has made sure to employ his workmanship skills now more than ever before. Please get to know about his adorable wife and kids.

Together with his team, he leads them into restoring and renovating old log cabins to their former glory. But exactly is the man behind the hammer? Take a walk with us as we explore Johnny Jett’s age, net worth, dad, and wiki-bio.

Johnny Jett Age and Date of Birth

One look at Johnny Jett, and you’d immediately feel for the guy. He looks like he should be at a retirement home, perhaps playing Bingo. Instead, he is just as active as he was in his youth.

The DIY star is currently aged 71 and a Taurus. He was born on April 24th, 1949, and turned 72 years old this April. Knowing him, Jett will probably celebrate it in some shed, working the timber of his bones.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Johnny Jett’s net worth is just as high as the ratings of Barnwood Builders. We can’t imagine the show without him, and neither can his crew, Mark Bowe, Tim Rose, Ale Webb, and Graham Ferguson. They would all be helpless without his wisdom. As such, with his input, the team had made significant profits from their projects since 2013, when the show began.

Image of Barnwood Builders's cast members, Johnny Jett
Barnwood Builders’s cast members, Johnny Jett

However, what you need to know is that the crew was still earning before they came under the spotlight. At the moment, Johnny Jett’s net worth touches down to approximately $400,000, according to reputable sources. His annual salary, on the other hand, sticks to about $50,000 each year.

The reality star is not one to rely on one avenue as his source of income. In addition to his craftsman skills, Johnny is also great with the arts. He creates beautiful portraits and paintwork, which he sells on his website, johhnyjettart.comEach painting goes for about $90 on average. Since the website also registers a ton of traffic, he has monetized it with affiliate marketing links that also pile onto his net worth.

Jett Wife and Children

Johnny Jett often goes on and on about his work, be it on social media or interviews. However, where he draws the line is getting candid about his personal life. The Barnwood Builders star never speaks about his wife, marriage, or even kids for reasons best known to him. At one point, even though he doesn’t have a life partner.

However, upon further scrutiny of the 71-year-old star, we found out that he is, in fact, married with kids. Johnny Jett’s wife is none other than Donna Jett. The pair have a son named Johnny Gene Jett, who is currently an adult.

Like his father, Gene is also a fully licensed machine operator. He is also married with kids, namely Nicholas and Jonathan Jett – Johnny Jett’s grandkids. Other than that, good luck finding out more about the mysterious family.

Johnny Jett Dad’s Age, Death

Among other enigmas present in Johnny Jett’s family is that of his dad. There were a couple of rumors revolving around the reality star’s death back in 2018. They even went as far as spiraling to report on Jett’s dad’s death. Fortunately, it was all a hoax as both the men are pretty much alive and well. Since Johnny is currently in his early 70’s, we can assume his father may be in his late 90s if he had him in his 20s.

The only recent news that struck the family was back in 2010 when Johnny’s mother, Leota Hawkins Jett, passed away. She died of health complications as a result of her old age at 79 years old. Other than that, we also know of Johnny Jett’s brother, William Eugene Billy Jett, who died back in 1994.


The life and times of Johnny Jett trace back to Morehead, Kentucky, where he was born. Unfortunately, we have no clue of where he got his manners nor education. What we do know, however, is that he was a war veteran who dedicated his services in the Vietnam war. Once the skies stopped raining bullets, he relocated to West Virginia and lived the simple life of machine operation, building and renovating barns.

Somewhere along the line, Johnny met up with his partners, Shemar Thompson and Mark Bowe, who took him in. The trio made waves in the state as the go-to-guys in cabins and barns restoration. The noise eventually got to an executive head in the DIY network, who cut them a deal to star on Barnwood Builders.

The adoration and time in the limelight have grown Johnny Jett’s merry band of followers on social media. He used the avenue to update and sell his canvas paintings which he makes sporadically when he’s not busy with the crew. The 71-year old doesn’t look like he’s about to stop anytime soon. You can catch up with the crew every Sunday on the home improvement network.

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