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Kim Clement Wikipedia: Funeral, Net Worth, What Happened?

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Kim Clement Wikipedia

Kim Clement is a pastor of the church from South Africa. As a pastor, his many prophecies came true, which got him many followers. In addition, he is a well-known singer, music artist, songwriter, and writer. Throughout his life, Kim has continuously published many books and music albums. He was a core member of the Cosmic Blues music band as well. Most importantly, Kim successfully predicted that Donald Trump would become the president.

In this article, we discuss Kim Clément’s Wikipedia, funeral, net worth, and the reason for his demise.

What Happened to Kim Clement?

Kim Clement had a cold, and his health started declining rapidly. He couldn’t cope with the grace of God alone, so he went to the hospital. He started there as a pneumonia patient. However, the situation got worse, and his lungs failed.

There are some rumors about him having a brain hemorrhage and cancer. The hospital is very concerned about patient privacy, so we cannot determine if the rumors are false. His body got frail, and he passed away on the 23rd of November.

Kim Clement Funeral

Kim was an unhealthy man. His illness was primarily tolerable, but it got significantly worse. Due to this, his family decided to take him to a hospital. But he never got better. At the age of 60, he passed away in hospital.

Kim Clément’s funeral was a sad event for his family and followers. His funeral took place in California. This was a tragic event for his family, his fans, and everyone he healed with faith.

Kim Clement is not alive
Kim Clement

Kim Clement Wikipedia

Kim Clement was always interested in music and instruments. At age five, he had already learned the basics. Then, he started going for piano-learning classes. Kim, with his god-gifted talent, started his career from a very young age. He used to play for school events and other similar functions. The infamous pianist started his first band when he was twelve years old. He started this band under the name Mark4.

His fame started increasing due to his unique talent. Shortly, he started another band and named it Cosmic Blues. This was the change Kim needed, which turned his destiny from being a regular musical guy to a millionaire with a large fortune. Kim started his musical tour, and he gave many performances along the way. However, his career in the music industry came to a halt when he started doing drugs.

There is a story about how a Christian man changed his life. We don’t know the details about this man. However, we know for sure that he saved Kim from his drug life and bad habits, just like Jesus saved all of humanity from a doomsday. At least, that’s what Kim thinks of him. From that moment, Kim’s second life began. His career in religious workings started when he took an asylum.

After repenting for his evil deeds, he joined the Uitenhage Full Gospel Church. Filled with joy and grace, Kim started his spiritual training under Pastor Jimmy Crompton’s mentor. On Jimmy’s guidance, Kim became a Pastor as well. With his new career, Kim got very famous for his prophecies. During his spiritual lectures, whatever he said came out to be true.

Net Worth

Kim was quite wealthy in 2016. He had a net worth of $7 million before dying.

Wife and Kids

During his better times, he was married to Jane Elizabeth Barnes. Kim and Jane first met at the Church, and they later got married in 1978. The couple has been staying together ever since. He has five children.

Kim Clement and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Barnes
Kim Clement and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Barnes

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