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Matthew Gray Gubler Wife: Is He Married or Dating Girlfriend/Partner? Gay Rumors

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Facts about Matthew Gray Gubler love life

Matthew Gray is an American fashion model, illustrator, and actor most popularly famous for his character, Dr. Spencer Reid, on Criminal Minds.’ Matthew is also an author, filmmaker, producer, and director. He has worked as a director in his own show, ‘Criminal Minds.’ Moreover, Gray is a top-notch male model for the most significant designers of the fashion world.

The top fashion model has become the topic of talk all over the internet and social media. People keep inquiring about his relationship status and girlfriend/partner. Thus, in this article, we discuss the personal life of Matthew, his wife/girlfriend, and gay rumors surrounding him.

Matthew Gray Early Life and Parents

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Matthew was born to his attorney father, John Gubler, and his mother, Marilyn, on March 9, 1980.

For schooling, Matthew attended the School of the Arts in Las Vegas. While he preferred to study filmmaking, the school did not offer the course. Thus, Mattew ended up graduating in acting. However, he later moved to New York to pursue filmmaking from the ‘Tisch School of Arts’ and graduated in 2002.

Since graduation, Matthew has been active in the modeling and acting field and has earned a lot of praise for his works.

Matthew Gray with her Parents,
Matthew Gray with her Parents, father, John Gubler, and his mother, Marilyn

Is Matthew Gray Gubler married?

Recently, there has been no news related to the marriage of American actor Matthew. Despite being in multiple relationships, he did not get married as his relations did not last long enough. Currently, he has not shared any info about his girlfriend/ partner. Thus, as of 2021, we can clearly say that the star is not married and does not have a wife.

Matthew Gray Gubler Partner/Girlfriend

The ‘Criminal Minds’ star Matthew Gray Gubler is a 6 feet tall, handsome, goofy actor. Given his good looks and success, who would not want to be his partner? Matthew has a very long list of girlfriends he dated in the past, and most of them are well-known celebrities.

In 2004, he dated Charlotte Kemp Muhl, a fashion model for a long time. Right after that, in 2007, he went out with an American actress, Kat Dennings. The couple looked cute together. However, they went separate ways just after a few months.

Again in 2008, Gray dated Victoria Asher and in 2009, famous Portuguese model Marisa Morris. The list does stop here. After ending relations with Marisa, he dated American model Ali Michael for around a year in 2010.

However, out of all the celebrities he went out with, the most interesting one was Taylor Swift. In 2013, Matthew shared a picture of him hanging out with Taylor in her kitchen.

Matthew Gray Gubler with ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift
Matthew Gray Gubler with ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift

It is a tough job to track each of Matthew’s dating history. As of 2021, he has not shared details of his love life.

Matthew Gray Gubler Gay Rumors

Is Matthew Gray Gubler gay? We have seen this question on the internet numerous times. The rumor has been lurking around him for a long time. But, after looking at his dating history and list of girlfriends we have just mentioned above, we can undoubtedly say that he is not gay. In fact, on January 14, 2011, the actor has himself tweeted a post in his account @gublernation clarifying his sexuality as straight.


Matthew does not have a son. In 2021, he is not a parent of any kids.

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