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Bryiana Noelle Flores: 15 Facts You Should Know About Rob Dyrdek’s Wife

Rob Dyrdek's wife Bryiana Noelle Flores in red dress.

Nothing brings us more joy in this world than seeing two deserving celebrities find love. We have our attention on all lovebird celebrity couples out there. One whose dating and married life have always kept our faith in love intact is Rob Dyrdek and his wife Bryiana Dyrdek or Bryiana Noelle Flores.

In case you did not have enough time to learn about them, we have brought you everything you can know about their dating life and marriage. Learn about how they met and became parents to adorable children and other facts about Rob Dydrek’s wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores.

She was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia at the age of 10.

It is hard to conceive that today’s beautiful model and successful entrepreneur, Bryiana Dyrdek, comes from a childhood full of woes.

She was just ten years old when she found out that she was suffering from Severe Aplastic Anemia, a disorder with a great chance of inviting leukemia or blood cancer. It occurs when an individual acquires a disorder where their bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells necessary for blood circulation.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’s doctors told her that she would not survive unless she had a bone marrow transplant. She never got the transplant but survived through countless blood and platelet transfusions and two chemo treatments for her leukemia.

There is no prouder moment in Bryiana’s life, including her current successful career until today, then proving her doctors wrong all those years.


While the medical treatments were instrumental in saving her life, she credits the ‘Make-a-wish’ foundation‘s support to be a big reason for how she could fight back.

Make-a-wish foundation chose to fulfill her request all those years ago to go to Hawaii, where she got to see and play with the dolphins. She fell in love with life and knew she wanted to live a life full of happy moments and experiences.

Bryiana Noelle Flores was bullied and Undermined.

Life did not stop throwing her a curve just yet. She has not gone on to great details but courageously come forth as a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual assault.

We know that she was bullied since high school by mostly other girls she calls “skonka” (Spanish slang for ‘skank’) who had their mindset on making her life a living hell.

Bryiana Dyrdek was bullied in her high school
Bryiana Dyrdek was bullied in her high school.

This bullying will follow her throughout her life with many negative people who told her she was “less than” and had her believe that she was not good enough.

Even when she began her modeling career, several agencies did not take her simply for her height, only 5 feet and 3 inches. She wrote about all those people in an Instagram post, saying;

“They used to laugh at me for having a dream. They told me it couldn’t be done and when I broke that barrier, they tried to tell me I didn’t belong. So I decided that if I couldn’t join them, I’d beat them.”

Childhood as a Princess.

She did have a troublesome childhood, but there were good moments as well. Born on July 21, 1991, in Salinas, California, she couldn’t be gladder that her parents were there to give her the best childhood she could wish for.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’s parents always treated her like a princess and played along in her fantasy world where she was the princess and her royal advisors who would discuss the kingdom’s problems and how to solve them.

Unknown to Bryiana, her parents also taught her about “leadership, civic responsibility, and compassion. She still considers herself an “undiscovered Disney princess” in all Disney movies.

She asks everybody to help other little girls be princesses so they can also grow up to know that she can do anything she wants.

Beauty Queen & Modelling Career

Perhaps, it was her childhood fantasies of being a princess, but Bryiana grew up to become a successful Beauty Queen. She won the beauty pageant ‘Miss Teen of the Nation‘ in 2008, following it up by winning ‘Miss California Teen‘ two years later. The 29-year-old was also the winner of Miss World’s Perfect Pageant.

She also knew soon after that modeling was something she wanted to do. So, in April of 2013, she just quit all the three jobs she already had to head to Los Angeles to become a model.

After a few disappointments, she finally got the chance to become an international model. Out of her multiple accomplishments, one of the huge ones is that she became ‘The Playmate of the Year‘ after featuring the famous ‘Playboy’ magazine.

Bryiana Noelle Flores Business Venture, ‘Iconic Beauty‘ and ‘Iconic Wine Beauties

Midway through her successful modeling career, Bryiana came in contact with ghosts of her past. She faced a lot of cyber-bullying on top of prior discussed issues like impossible beauty standards and negative people who kept trying to shut her down.

Soon, Bryiana did not like how her career as a model was taking her and yearned for the sisterhood she felt back when competing in beauty pageants.

With that in mind, she founded their company ‘Iconic Beauty‘ in July 2015. What initially began as a “women’s empowerment brand built on the foundation of mentorship and personal development to ignite, fuel and unleash the fire and fight within!” quickly started to gain friction. Soon it went from being a simple workshop to a life brand.

Bryiana Dyrdek founded Iconic Beauty in 2015
Bryiana Dyrdek founded Iconic Beauty in 2015.

Similarly, Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores got with a couple of her best friends, Nora Gisela and Meraiah Danielle, to introduce a sister business venture of Iconic Wine Beauties’ in May 2018. Her new venture was also similar, but as the name suggests, was all about the three friends doing all that women empowerment while casually sipping wine and sharing stories.

This new venture would also be more inclusive to women since its prime target was for helping models. However, now they will also cover women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes.

You may have also seen social media posts and videos about her business ventures above because Bryiana has significant interests and investments in making Iconic Beauty and Iconic Wine Beauties successful.

The journey from Introvert to Extrovert.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana recalls the hardship she had as a MEGA introvert. Like every introvert, she had difficulties opening up with people, but what was more challenging for her was to fit in. But coming long this way, she has changed herself and credits her group’s iconic wine beauties for being a safe place where she can open up.

Story of How Rob Dyrdek and Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores Met.

Bryiana Noelle Flores met her husband, Rob Dyrdek, online back in 2013. She says that the whole story is for another day, but it strongly connects to her Playboy feature.

Like hundreds and thousands of men, Bryiana’s risqué photo also caught her future husband’s attention. He hit her up on Twitter, and Bryiana refrains from saying the rest of the story because only her husband can make it sound quick.

Despite their initial meeting being an unplanned thirst trap, the rest of their love story has been one nauseating romantic story since their first date. We only learned it five years later after the incident when he went ahead to recreate his first date with Bryiana in 2018, three years after their marriage.

Well, the MTV host took her on a helicopter ride. “Where?” you ask to save rescue puppies; how do we beat that gentleman?

Furthermore, he took her once again to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their meeting and their wedding anniversary in 2018. They flew to Catalina Island for a relaxing evening.

Rob Dyrdek's the first date with wife after marriage
Rob Dyrdek recreated the first date with his wife after marriage.

Their Aladdin-Theme Engagement

You can tell how romantic a person is by the way they planned out a proposal on April 25, 2015. We have seen a fair amount of epic proposals, too, so, for us to say that Rob Dyrdek went well over and beyond for his engagement. At first, he took Bryiana to Disneyland. He perfectly knew his girlfriend’s love for Disney movies and Disney princesses.

Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Noelle Flores were in the middle of an Aladdin stage performance when Rob pretended to go to the bathroom and left her alone. However, oblivious to her, he was making her way to the stage. To everyone’s surprise, especially Bryiana, he entered the stage on top of an elephant, like he was Prince Ali himself.

Rob Dyrdek came on an elephant for his engagement
Rob Dyrdek came on an elephant for his engagement.

After putting on a short show, he would invite his then-girlfriend to ask her the question. He later took to Instagram to post the photos and write a few lines gushing about his new fiancé.

“You are the love of my life and my true destiny. The day I met you, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you. Our relationship has actually become a million times better then I knew was even possible.”

He wrote, and shortly after, the couple went on a getaway to the Caribbean.

Briana & Rob Dyrdek’s Wedding.

Bryiana Dyrdek finally got married on September 19, 2015. Rob wore a tan suit while his bride wore a “fit-and-flare gown with an enviable tulle train” and a long veil. He later took to Twitter to write about what he felt about getting married to Bryiana,

“Words could never describe how blessed and honored I am to call you my wife,” while the other read, “You are my true one love and I promise in faithfulness to love and protect you and our marriage, till the end of time.”

Bryiana Noelle Flores is the Mother of Two Children.

They have two children together; the first was their son, Kodah Dash Dyrdek, born on September 9, 2016, who also goes by Dash or K-Dash.

They had revealed their pregnancy about their first son in March of that year with a photo of Rob hugging her baby bum as a set of blue balloons were set behind them with balloon words spelling, “OH BOY.”

Similarly, Rob always did want his second child to be a daughter, and he got his wish as Nala Ryan Dyrdek was born near the end of December 2017.

Bryiana knew how much a daughter would mean for Rob, so she revealed it to him in a big surprise, the same day she announced her pregnancy to the world.

Bryiana and Rob welcome the second daughter together
Bryiana and Rob welcome the second daughter together.

She first asked him for an in-home date, and when he arrived, she was ready with over 100 white balloons, candles lit in the balcony, and their favorite Chinese takeaway for food. He was suspecting something was up, but she managed to convince him that nothing was up.

Bryiana Noelle Flores kept giving him gifts, and in excitement, he did not even see a “big brother” badge in their son’s clothes or a balloon with clearly written words, “welcome baby.” He had to reach their daughter’s due date and Bryiana’s pregnancy kit to get the surprise finally.

Their Romantic Married Life.

We get the sense that the description of Bryiana’s life has already given you a good sense of how romantic their married life is like.

We could quickly get to either of their social media personality and then pick out any of their photographs together to reveal just how they love each other. However, there are just too many such moments and stories to tell, and we can’t pick a single one.

Honestly, Rob Dyrdek and his wife Bryiana Noelle Flores are one of the most lovey-dovey couples of Hollywood we have ever come across. Be it father’s day, mother’s day, valentine’s day, birthdays, or anniversaries, you can always count on the couple to surprise each other with small or big gifts.

However, none of them will seem like a small gift to us normies since they have unique balloons and flowers for every one of such events.

All that we care about is that Rob and his wife Bryiana are living a happy married life. She can’t seem to get enough of her husband, who she keeps bragging and flaunting about every chance she gets. They also have a happy family together now that they have their two children, with whom she lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Rob Dyrdek’s Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Anxiety, Depression, and Postpartum Depression.

As it is evident about Bryiana’s depression and anxiety from the above discussion about her “not so happy” childhood and difficulties she faced in her career, she has been pretty open about it and discussed it several times in interviews.

But that is not the only mental condition she has faced in her life. Soon after giving birth to the first baby, Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores faced another form of a mental condition called postpartum depression.

It’s a condition when a mother faces difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and mood swings. She had to go through several therapy sessions to ease the condition.

Bryiana Noelle Flores Wiki-Facts.


Color: Pink, Black.

Holiday: 4th of July.

Movie: Sex and the city, Mean Girls, Disney, anything/everything.

Animal: Gretchen Wieners.

Music: Country.

Food: Mexican Fruit Cups, hot Cheetos, and Chicken katsu.

Book: Think and Grow Rich.

Beauty Products: Mascara and Sticky Lip Gloss.

This Or That.

Manicure or Pedicure? Both.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

Cats or Dogs? Puppies.

Hells or Flats? Heels

Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors.

Bryiana Noelle Flores Wiki-Table.

Full Name Bryiana Noelle (nee Flores) Dyrdek
Birthdate July 21, 1991
Birthplace Salinas, California
Age 30 years old
Current City Beverly Hills, California
Ethnicity Part European (Caucasian, Spanish), Part Asian (Filipino, Chinese), and part Native-Indian (Cherokee and Blackfoot)
Net Worth Under review
Salary Under review
Profession Beauty queen, Model, Entrepreneur
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 49kg
Body Measurement N/A
Husband Rob Dyrdek
Children Two

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