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Tamara Day Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia. Husband Bill Day & Kids

Facts about Tamara Day Networth, husband, parents and kids

House renovation can be stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting. But designer Tamara Day shows how a renovation can be fun and exciting. The Bargain Mansion host turns old and neglected mansions into a beautiful modern house for families. Learn his Wikipedia-type bio in this article.

But how does a stay-at-home mother turn into a successful home renovator? House renovations, redesigning, and flipping furniture is interesting for the audience of the show. But the life and journey of the host are also enticing to the viewers. In this article, we’ll know more about the life and career of Tamara Day, HGTV’s Bargain Mansions Host.

How old is Tamara Day? Age and Birthday

The 44 years old designer likes celebrating her birthday with her family and friends. She was born on May 20, 1976, in Kansas, Missouri. Her fans flood her with birthday greetings and messages to celebrate her birthday every year.

Some also send her gifts and cakes to show their love for the Bargain Mansion host. Tamara likes spending her birthday with a simple yet festive dinner with her family and friends- no flashy parties and celebrations.

In Return, Tamara shows her gratitude to her loyal fans and customers by providing a special discount on her birthday. On her 44th birthday, she wrote this on her Facebook profile.

It’s Tamara’s birthday, but she would like to give a gift to YOU! Today only, take 25% off in store and online. Discount on eligible items will automatically apply at checkout.
Happy birthday, Tamara! And, happy shopping to you!

Net worth and Income Sources

Renovations and restoration also need a lot of money to spend. But our demolition queen can balance her financial aspect and creativity, allowing her to earn an average of $58K per year in addition to her unclosed net worth. Her designs and house flips are loved by many and are helping her gain more and more clients.

Aside from designing, renovating, and house flipping, Tamara earns money from hosting Bargain Mansions. The designer makes an average of $10000 in every episode she appears in.

HGTV’S Bargain Mansions is her most popular show. Tamara also had some appearances in other reality shows, like the DIY Ultimate Retreat in 2017, where she showcases her talent and creativity.

Bargain Mansions Hgtv, Tamara Day
Bargain Mansions Hgtv Host, Tamara Day

Tamara Day Wikipedia

Tamara Day’s birth name is Tamara Schraeder, and she was born and raised in Kansas, Missouri. She got a degree in Communications and pursued careers related to her educational attainment. But it was her Dad who inspired and awakened her creativity in designing and crafts.

Her Dad, Ward Schraeder, taught her many hands-on skills as she grew up on their farm. Tamara helps her father with a few tasks in their farmhouse in Kansas.

She then develops her do-it-yourself skills that enhance her creativity and open doors for more and more opportunities. Instead of taking her phone or grounding her, her Dad used to let her hang sheetrock and help him with renovation works as punishment every time Tamara missed her curfew.

And as it turns out, these skills help her get to where she is right now. Her Wikipedia page does not exist.

Her Journey to Home Renovation.

Home renovation was not her dream after graduating with a degree in communications. But her creativity kicked in, and she found herself renovating and restoring an old foreclosure house.

The renovation for this house was her first biggest project in 2008. Together with her husband, they took the leap of faith on buying the old wrecked house and gave the 5000 square foot home a new life. The house was a wreck and needed a complete transformation to be livable.

Initially, they planned to hire people to do the renovation while Bill worked full time and Tamara took care of their kids.

But the recession hit, and they needed to think of ways to save money while achieving their dream home. Tamara got her hands on the hammer and helped in every possible way.

Tamara designed the interior, and Bill gave her a hand in the heavy works using his experience in house flipping. Bargain mansion’s star does not have any degree or experience in designing, but her sense of design and style honed and developed during renovation.

It took them months to tear the house down and sand the floors. Slowly, it was all coming together, but a lot of works still needed to be done. They needed to stay on budget, and going to estate and garage sales to find things that they could use in the house became part of their weekly routine.

While doing this, her passion for furniture restoration kicked in. Tamara bought old and new houses and let her creativity do the work. Even after the house renovation, Tamara continued restoring pieces of furniture and sold them.

The thriving designer started a new line of business, Growing Days, furniture decor, and interior designing business. Growing Days became her first business that helped her thriving family a lot.

Tamara Day with her father, Ward Schraeder
Tamara Day with her father, Ward Schraeder

She took a break after Giving Birth to her Fourth Child.

When she gave birth to her fourth kid in 2013, he decided to slow down with her furniture business. But after a few months, Tamara received phone calls from people asking for help with their home renovation and interior design. Most of these people were her previous clients and people who visited her open houses. Tamara started accepting one client at a time. It was only a matter of time when she realized she was already running a renovation business.

Celebrity Fame as a host of Bargain Mansions

From a stay-at-home mom, Tamara never imagined being a TV host for a renovation show. While building her name and reputation for interior design and custom furniture, a producer approached Tamara.

Conveyor Media, the producer of Bargain Mansion in HGTV, offered Tamara to be their host for the show. At first, the designer was hesitant and skeptical to accept the offer thinking it might not be a hit.

But as days went by, Bargain Mansion became a solid hit. Their ratings kept on growing every season. With the aid of her husband and father, Tamara buys neglected mansions and houses and flips them into gorgeous homes for modern families.

The transformation they made for each wrecked house that they purchased attracts more and more viewers. Those rundown houses that seemed to be impossible to live in became beautiful and liveable. Her talent with customizing furnishes also attracted viewers to watch the show making it a solid hit.

Her New Business E-design.

The show’s ongoing success helps HGTV with its rating and helps Tamara’s design business be in a whole new direction.

Through her business Growing Days, she launched her e-design website. Her site was able to help homeowners around the globe with bits of advice that she posts about redesigning. Clients can also choose from her four packages named after her kids.

Tamara also offers a 40-minute video consultation for those clients whose willing to pay the additional cost. It’s like a one-on-one tutorial and consultation with Tamara herself.

Fans can also buy furnishes curated by Tamara.

Tamara Day and Bill Day’s Marriage

Tamara shares her success with her husband, Bill Day. She met Bill at Bartle Hall in Kansas City During a New Years’ Eve week in 1998. Bill was a financial planner while Tamara was selling credit cards and t-shirts, and their booths were next to each other.

Tamra Day with her husband, Bill Day
Tamra Day with her husband, Bill Day

In one of her posts about her husband’s birthday, Tamara shares the story of how she met back 22 years ago. She wrote,

There are those moments in life you look way back and remember. There was this one moment 22 years ago where a boy held my hand just a bit too long. I called my mom to tell her all about this handsome boy I met. This weekend we celebrated his milestone birthday with friends, family, lots of yummy home cooked food and a football game.
Tamara continued,
Happy birthday to my handsome husband I’ve loved for 22 years. May we have 22+ more together and lots more reasons to celebrate together! We love you ????

Six months after they met, they had their first date and have been inseparable ever since. They decided to tie the knot in November 2000. The couple celebrates their 21 years of fruitful marriage this year.


When Tamara is not flipping and redesigning houses, the Bargain Mansion host is a mother to four kids. Tamara and Bill have four kids, Henry, Bobby, Thomas, and Nora. Their firstborn, Henry, just turned 17 last January. On Henry’s 16th birthday, Tamara gushed out how proud she was of her eldest son and how time flies so fast.

Their second child Robert Day just turned 15 last March. Most people call him by his nickname “Bobby Day,” not just Bobby.

Thomas Day, or Tommy as his friends often call him, will be turning 14 this November. Tamara describes her youngest son as a caring young man.

The only girl, Eleanora “Nora” Day, is turning eight this coming September 2021. Both Tamara and Bill were not expecting a girl while she was pregnant with Nora.

Initially, her fourth child is supposed to be named Calvin after finding out that she has a fourth son. But having a daughter was the most incredible surprise they had. You can catch a glimpse of Tamara’s beautiful family every once in a while on her renovation shows.

Tamara Day with her husband and kids
Tamara Day with her husband, Bill Day, and four kids

Tamara Day Husband Bill Day Wikipedia, Job.

Aside from being a loving husband to Tamara, Bill is a financial analyst by profession. Bill is the company owner of BL Day Properties and the principal, partner, and co-owner of Integrated Wealth Advisory Inc.

Bill Day was born on October 6, 1969, and is turning 52 yrs old this year. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Even though Bill has experience flipping houses, his full-time job in finance stops him from helping his wife in her house renovation career. But his experience in house flipping helped a lot when they renovated and restored their 5000 square feet house in 2008.

Though Tamara Day is active in her social media accounts, her personal and marriage life is always away from the limelight. The Bargain Mansions star prefers her marriage life to be in private, away from the camera. This setup allows her and her family to have more time with each other without the judgmental eyes of society.

House and properties.

With the success of Tamara and Bill in their respective careers, the couple was able to gain several properties. Tamara runs a retail and online home goods business and operates a design company.

The couple invested in real estate. They bought a dozen of properties and turned them into rental properties in 2008. The same year, they purchased and renovated their house that became their most significant project.

Height and measurements

The American designer is 5 ft 5 inches tall. She wears her smooth and wavy blonde hair with innocent brown eyes. With an approximate body measurement of 34-26-35, Tamara Day is indeed fit and healthy for her age.

Family: Who is Her Mother?

Tamara’s father, Ward Schraeder, also helps the success of the renovation show Bargain Mansions. Tamara and Ward is the dynamic duo behind the hit TV show.

Aside from being a co-star of her daughter, Ward is a businessman, builder, and capitalist. Tamara always says that he got her creative and handy skills from her Dad while helping him renovate their own house while she was young.

While moving up to the corporate ladder, Ward and his family move in different places a lot. While having this living situation, he started teaching his kids about construction, repair, and simple renovations in their house. And as that process continues, his interest in remodeling homes grows.

Trish Schraeder, Tamara’s mother, is kept from the limelight. She does not have any social media accounts, and Tamara only posts a few photos of her on her social media accounts.

Tamara Day with her Mother, Trish Schraeder
Tamara Day with her Mother, Trish Schraeder

On the occasion of mother’s day Bargain Mansion, Tamara posted the picture of her mother stating how lucky she is to have her mom in her life. She said,

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!! Here’s my annual installment of photos of my camera shy mama for everyone wondering if she’s out there:)
She continued,
Maybe if I’m lucky dad and I can corner her today and snap another one but it’s doubtful. She’s the best mama anyone could hope for and who taught me to cook, and play and make life fun. Happy Mother’s Day mom we love you!

 Here is the photo of her mother.

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