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Ashley Morrill Age, net worth, Weight Loss, Husband Ryan Eldridge. 

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Ashley Morrill

Whoever came up with the phrase It’s a Man’s world clearly has never met Ashley Morrill. She’s the embodiment and source of inspiration to outdoorsy girls who love cabins more than houses.

Ashley appears on the DIY network’s Maine Cabin Masters series as a brother-sister-husband trio to renovate old cabins in the Pine Tree State.

Today, we highlight some of the unknown facts of Ashley Morrill, including her net worth, age, weight loss, and husband, Ryan Eldridge.

Ashley Morrill Net Worth.

The DIY star hardly ever has time on her hands to embark on new projects. She’s always tied to the show and running through ideas of cabin improvement designs. The series premiered back in 2016 and is still going on strong, with the sixth already airing its episodes.

The arrangement works great for her as she gets to utilize her degree in graphics design while her brother and his team deal with all the construction work. As a result, she remains crucial to the crew and receives a huge chunk of money from the network.

As we speak, Ashley Morrill’s net worth is currently set at approximately $460,000 and rising. Sources have it that for every project they complete, they get to walk away with at least $30K.

One of Ashley’s other strong suits is her powers of negotiations. Her net worth also stems from her role as a liaison between the homeowners and the studio heads to feature their cabin renovation into the show.

Weight Loss.

For use with a keen set of eyes, Maine Cabin Masters cast Ashley Morrill has undergone a set of changes to her body over the past few years. And no, we aren’t talking about teenage bodily changes.

Ever since she got into stardom, fans have noticed a steady rise in the reality star’s body weight. Last year, some even thought she was pregnant with a baby and went on to inquire about it in her socials.

The DIY star never responded nor publicly addressed the inquiries. This year, we have noticed a sudden drop in her stature, which could only be a result of weight loss.

As we speak, Ashley’s current body weight stands at 141 lbs. While it’s not much to worry about, it could be that all the talk of her gaining weight got to her head. It’s possible that she embarked on a healthier diet to bring a cease-fire to all the rumors.

Does Ashley Morrill have MS? (Multiple Sclerosis): Health Update.

Multiple Sclerosis has plagued the world, with millions living with the disease in major parts of the world. Fortunately, Ashley Morrill is not among the affected parties.

As far as we’re concerned, the reality star has never had any difficulty with her nervous system and is as fit as a fiddle.

However, the information relating to the DIY star Ashley Morrill with MS might have arisen from a Facebook post with a random user with the same name.

Ashley Morrill Age.

The Maine Cabin Masters star recently turned 45 back on January 27th. She was born on January 27th, 1976, and identifies as an Aquarius.

Ashley Morrill and Ryan Eldridge’s Marriage and Children.

Not everybody watches Maine Cabin Masters for its plot or cabin designs. Other’s watch it for the sweet chemistry between Ashley Morrill and her husband, Ryan Eldridge.

The couple’s love goes way back in time, even before all the fame. After a long courtship, he took her to watch her favorite celebrity, Willie Nelson, and proposed the day after while she was still pumped up.

They decided they would enjoy their life together and sealed it with a marriage back in July 2014.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Ashley Morrill and her husband
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Ashley Morrill and her husband, Ryan Eldridge

Maine Cabine Masters cast Ashley never gets too candid about the stuff that actually matters in her love life. A case in point is whether we are going to see their newborn babies in the near future. Both lovers have never brushed on the topic, despite having lived together for over six years.

Instead, you’ll only hear about their two dogs, Gus and Sadie, up in their house in Farmingdale. And if by God’s will should there be any talk about Ashley Morrill, Ryan Eldridge, and children, it’s probably their nephews and nieces. Nonetheless, never say never, and we’ll update you in case anyone new pops up within the family.

Ryan Eldridge Wikipedia facts.

It’s often said that women are more attracted to handymen, and Ryan Eldridge fills in the role perfectly for Ashley. He’s got everything down from a manly beard to knowing his way around with a hammer.

Ryan Eldridge is one year older than his spouse, having been born on November 7th, 1974, in Gardiner, Maine. He identifies as a Scorpio and professional carpenter turned celebrity on the show.

The 46-year-old grew up with his two siblings, Kali McKinney and Rhett Eldridge, under the parental care of Kyle Thomas and Paula Bellevance Thomas.

Aside from his sister’s education at the School of Phish, details about Ryan’s early life and education seem a bit scarce on the internet. Mrs. Thomas still holds her job as a government official at Maine’s State Legislature offices.

Maine Cabin Masters Ashley Moriill Eldridge Wiki.

Ashley is the daughter of Peggy, her mother, and Eric A. Morrill, her late father. She was born and raised in August Maine alongside her older brother Chase Morrill.

The brother-sister duo ended up attending Cony High School, like their father. Upon graduation, however, Chase went on to become a builder in construction, whereas Ashley Morrill Eldridge pursued a life of design at the University of Southern Maine.

Her father passed away in 2014 after a long gruesome battle with cancer marking it both her saddest and happiest year because of her wedding.

After the storm that befell their family, a producer from Dorsey Productions, through the help of a family friend, reached out to Ashley and her brother Chase.

It is from here that the idea to bring up Maine Cabin Masters was born and, by extension, the peak of Ashley’s career. Main Cabin Masters Ashley Morrill’s wikipedia page does not exist.

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