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Guy Fieri’s Younger son Ryder Fieri’s Age, Bio, Wikipedia.

Guy Fieri's son, Ryder's age, bio, Wikipedia 

As a celebrity, you and everyone you closely associate with will inevitably be thrown into the limelight. Such relates to the case of Guy Fieri, most likely known for his cook show, and numerous restaurants. He and his wife Lori Fieri have been together for about 24 years.

As a result, their union resulted in two sons, Ryder Fieri and Hunter Fieri. So, if you want an inside scope into the Fieri family, stick around and find out the age and Wikipedia bio for Guy Fieri youngest son, Ryder Fieri.


The 25th December 2005 was a happy day for the Fieri family as they got to welcome their second son whom they named Ryder Fieri.

He is of white ethnicity, and his star sign is Capricorn. Despite his family always referring to him as the baby of the family, Ryder is not by any means small. He is now 15 years and taller than average.

Ryder Fierin with his dad, Guy Fieri's and brother, Hunter.

Ryder Fierin with his dad, Guy Fieri’s and brother, Hunter.

Interesting Wikipedia facts about Guy Fieri’s Youngest Son Ryder Fieri.

  1. Ryder has appeared in several movies with his dad, namely; Guy’s family cruise and Guy’s big bite.
  2. Guy has a whole recipe named after him called; Ryder Turkey chili recipe.
  3. Guy Fieri’s son Ryder was born and raised in California and consequently went to Sequoia Elementary school in the same state. He is now in seventh grade.
  4. Ryder has taken to his social media to make it known that he does not plan to become a chef or anything else in the hospitality industry. However, he wants to spend more time with his family, unlike his dad.
  5. Guy’s youngest son is the correct definition of a celebrity kid as his social media pages have many followers wanting to follow his every move.
  6. Lastly, Ryder is very charismatic and kind-hearted if the family’s social media tributes are anything to go by.


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