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Misty Raney Age, Weight Gain, Husband Maciah Bilodeau, Wikipedia Bio.

Photo of Misty Raney.

A woman could touch the moon, and people will still talk about how high her heels are. It is a feminist standpoint of view and the general assessment of today’s media that prioritizes entertainment over journalism. However, journalists need to pay the bills, and so do we. Misty Raney is the star of the hit docu-reality series ‘Homestead Rescue‘ along with her father, Marty Raney, and brother Matt Raney.

Her age, career, and net worth are important topics which we will discuss shortly. However, it seems like people are more drawn towards her married life, especially now that Misty’s pregnancy rumors are going on around her after her weight gain.

Misty Raney and her Husband, Maciah Bilodeau, have been married since 2000 and have a son together.

Even in a seemingly uninhabitable place like Alaska, it seems that the entire Raney family was somehow able to find love. Here we are not even managing to find one date with five different dating sites in our phone.

You will be quite surprised to learn about Misty Raney’s husband, who is not only from Alaska but also from a geographically and temperature-wise polar opposite island of Hawaii.

Photo of Misty Raney and Husband Miciah Bilodeau
Misty Raney with her Husband, Maciah Bilodeau.

Yes, Misty Raney is married to a carpenter and surfer, Maciah Bilodeau, which makes her full name Misty Raney Bilodeau. According to an Instagram post five years ago, they married at least 21 years ago in 2000 when they celebrated their 15th anniversary in February 2015.

They were on a family camping trip to celebrate the occasion. They have only one son so far in their blissful marriage, Gauge Bilodeau. Gauge turned nine years old this year, being born in April 2011.

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Sunrise. 15 year anniversary camping trip.

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Misty Raney and Micah Bolideau spend a year equally between each of their homes in Alaska and Hawaii. In summers, they stay in Alaska when the weather is relatively more favorable and live in Hawaii for the remaining half of the year in winter. It seems like a perfect plan, really, since Misty can do her shooting for ‘Homestead Rescue‘ and then have a Hawaii vacation.

When in Alaska, Misty, and her husband Micah Bolideau with kids reside at the 800 square foot cabin that they build in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, not very far away from their parent’s home in Haines. The details about how they met and their dating life are missing but seeing them happy in their marital bliss quenches our curiosity to know any more about them.

Misty Raney Weight Gain or Is she Pregnant Again?

Misty Raney is not pregnant; let us clear that up without playing with our words. The rumors surrounding her pregnancy were going around for quite some months. We kept track of it ourselves for several months without even a shred of evidence of it being true to confirm it with a hundred percent certainty.

However, even rumors do not arise without a hint of logic, even if they are incorrect. It turns out that Misty Raney is gaining a little weight, which could be why she was pregnant.

We did not see anything like that, but people could have easily been confused with the thick clothes against the unforgiving cold in Alaska.

Photo of Homestead Rescue's star, Misty Raney.
Misty Raney does not seem pregnant despite rumors after weight gain.

It is true that if you take Misty Raney’s photos from her earlier seasons and compare it to the present day, there is a clear weight gain, but that is completely normal and steady weight gain that even happens commonly all around us. It is no reason to let the rise of false information and troubles for Misty.

Misty Raney’s Net Worth and Career.

When we imagine ourselves trying to survive in an environment like Alaska, we think the most important thing for survival is fishing, hunting, and gathering.

It may be true in short-term cases, but if you want to reside in Alaska for a long time or even permanently, you have to look towards a more sustainable and safe way of getting food, agriculture.

Misty Raney is a family member who excels in the field of agriculture. It takes great knowledge, skills, experience, and patience to farm in Alaska, but luckily, Misty can single-handedly construct greenhouses and in-house gardens.

She believes that compost is worth more than diamonds in survival, and every homesteader should have great amounts of compost to farm.

She sheds important information like that and more to guide the amateur homesteaders in the series. She neither is the main star like her father nor does she display adventurous actions like her hunter brother Matt and yet, Misty is equally famous as both.

Misty Raney’s net worth upon our last checking was around $300,000. So, we can say that she earns quite a decent salary and fame from her show and lifestyle.

Misty Raney Age.

Misty Rainy was born on November 9, 1981, in Sitka, Alaska. She is the youngest daughter of Marty Raney and Mollee Roestel. She is currently 389 years of age but will soon be turning 40 years old in her birthday in November 2020. Read more about Misty Raney in her quick facts and wiki table below.

Misty Rainy’s Wikipedia Facts.

1. She is the youngest daughter among the Raney Children.

2. She has three siblings in total; one younger brother, Matt Raney, who is his co-star in the show, and older brother, Miles Raney, and older sister Melanee Stiassny.

3. Her older brother, Miles, who is a mountain-biker, was also born in Sitka.

4. Misty Raney specializes in farming and eventually loves to go hunting and fishing with her father and brother.

5. False rumors were going around that Misty Raney was pregnant.

Misty Rainy Wiki-Table.

Name Misty Raney
Age 39 years old
Birthdate November 9, 1981
Birthplace Sitka, Alaska
Father Marty Raney
Mother Mollee Roestel
Net Worth $300,000
Salary Under review
Marital Status Married
Husband Maciah Bilodeau
Children One son (Gauge Bilodeau)

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