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Maine Cabin Masters Cast Salary and Net Worth. 

Maine Cabin Masters is a reality show on the DIY network currently about to embark on its sixth run. It follows a talented group of individuals known for their innovative skills in restoring old cabins in Maine.

The crew generally makes good use of the rustic design currently widespread across the country. Sometimes, they tend to modernize them and, in so doing, make a fortune while at it.

Before we check out the entire cast of Maine Cabin Master’s net worth and salary, let’s first introduce them to you.

Maine Cabin Masters Cast.

Despite the high reviews, the showrunners involved with the highly acclaimed reality television series only consist of a team of five. They include; Chase Morrill, his sister, Ashley Rae, and her husband, Ryan, and Dixie and Jedi.

Each cast member puts their best foot forward to deliver using their bona fide skills set. Ashley, being the only girl in the group, brings in her colorful eyes with interior design.

Ryan acts as the voice of reason while Jedi and Dixie can handle just about anything thrown at them. On the other hand, Chase brings his leadership skills to manage the team.

Ashley Morrill Salary and Net Worth

Of all the cast, Ashley Morrill is easily the most loveable character on Maine Cabin Masters. From cheering up the team with ice cream to her funny quips, she certainly captured the heart of the audience.

When her brother Chase signed the deal to star in the show back in 2016, he brought her on board for her input as a graphic designer.

As we speak, Maine Cabin Masters Ashley Morrill’s net worth is approximately $460,000. Her salary from the studio, however, remains private and confidential.

We do know for a fact that each episode receives a budget of about $35000 from the homeowners. Since Ashley acts as a liaison between the cabin owners and the production company, it’s only logical that she secures something out of the deal financially.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Ashley Morrill
Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Ashley Morrill

Maine Cabi Masters Cast Ryan Eldridge Net Worth & Salary.

Let’s face it; there would be no cabins without wood to actually build them with. And without a skilled carpenter such as Ryan Eldridge to spearhead the project, the overall outlook wouldn’t attract potential homeowners, let alone the production crew.

Therefore, Ryan’s input to the show is quite commendable and much needed. While his salary remains unknown, sources have expounded on Ryan Eldridge’s net worth at approximately $400,000.

The figure makes him one of the richest carpenters in modern-day television. Surprisingly enough, the DIY star Ryan also brings in some cash from his podcast, From the Woodshed.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Ryan Eldridge
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Ryan Eldridge

Chase Morrill Net Worth, Salary.

Meet the face and brains behind Maine Cabin Masters, Chase Morrill. He is currently the CEO of his own construction company called Kennebec Cabin Company, registered back on February 26th, 2014.

One of his very first projects, which started as a joke, involved renovating his family’s old rustic cabin. The project, which aired on the first season of Maine Cabin Masters, soon attracted several other major operations.

These include the Kennebec Valley YMCA playground cabin in Augusta, the Travis Mills Foundation, Agassiz Village Renovation, and much more.

As a result, tabloids and other online sources ship Chase Morrill’s net worth at $600,000. The same reports also claim he makes about $30K from each of the projects and shares it with the crew.

At the same time, let’s not forget the money he earns by selling merch from his website, his podcast, and YouTube channel, Kennebec Cabin Company.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member,Chase Morrill
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Chase Morrill

Maine Cabin Masters Cast Matthew Dixie Net Worth & Salary.

Matthew Dixie or Matt for shorts is another fan-favorite cast on the DIY network. Like Ryan, he is also a carpenter, skilled in all manner of woodwork. However, unlike the rest of the crew, his life while the cameras aren’t rolling remains his alone.

As a private man, we may not know much about his finances nor his personal life. However, Matthew Dixie’s current net worth approximates $300,000.

According to the history books, he is one of Ashley’s childhood friends and, by extension Chase too. Aside from his skills, this would also explain how he landed the job at Maine cabin Masters.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Matthew Dixie
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Matthew Dixie

Maine Cabin Masters Cast Jared Baker Net Worth, Salary

It is almost impossible talking about Matthew without mentioning a thing or two on Jared Baker. The two are practically inseparable and work for hand in hand to finalize any task thrown at them. Like Matt, Jared is also a bit of an enigma.

Very few people know about his life beyond this show. However, he once showed off his brand new backcountry ski Doo back in 2020 that must have cost a fortune.

Some sources claim that Jared Baker’s net worth also holds firm at $300,000, While others have it even higher.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Jared Baker
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Jared Baker

Brad Weston Net Worth, Salary

Brad Weston Is also another fan favorite of the show who doesn’t get a lot of screen time. He is mostly a junior involved with behind-the-scenes work in the Kennebec Cabin company.

Upon graduation from Gardiner Area High School, he enrolled at Husson University in 2015 to major in Criminal justice.

While there, he played college football as a Sophomore for the school’s team, the Husson Eagles. We hope to see more screen time of him in the fresh season. Otherwise, as of now, Maine Cabin Masters cast Brad Weston’s net worth and salary remain a mystery.

Image of Maine Cabin Masters Cast Member, Brad Weston
Maine Cabin Masters cast member, Brad Weston

Is Jedi from Maine Cabin Masters married? 

Fans have always been curious about the personal life of Jared Baker, aka Jedi. He tends to spruce up his social media with pictures of his dog or a game of ice hockey with him as the goalie.

Other times, he is mostly engrossed with mountain climbing, water rafting, or exploring the woods, as such fans have often pondered on whether he is married to a wife.

As it turns out, Jedi from Maine Cabin Masters is possibly single, as seen through his Facebook relationship status. Moreover, there are no known women in his life who take center stage of his love. Even though the likelihood of this change seems impossible, when it does, we’ll be here to update you. 

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